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You got the entry confirmation and you can enter the trade but there is still one important thing to do.

You have to calculate position size you are going to take.

Why is that important?

The position size and the distance to the stop loss are the two factors that define what your risk per trade is going to be.

The majority defines position size and then tries to fits stop loss order to be tight so they won’t risk too much.

That’s a totally wrong way.

It will cause you to be stopped out of the trade without being invalidated on the particular…

No, it's s not a secret strategy.

No, it's not a secret indicator.

Those things do not exist in the trading world. It all comes to you and your implementation of the strategy that fits you. Not me, not your friend, not anyone else but YOU!

If that works for you, it is the perfect strategy!

Before you find the strategy for you, let me introduce you to the process of finding that strategy and things you need to do.

Income Stream

We all live in a world where the money isn't everything but if you do not have money, you are…

After several months of testing and delay, Ethereum Constantinople hard fork is finally on its way. Expected to be executed by end of February, the long time awaited Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork is bringing a lot of changes.

Constantinople is second part of the Metropolis update. So, in this post we will explain Constantinople in no to much technical details but enough that you can see what changes it is bringing into the ecosystem.

Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

Before we begin with details about Constantinople, let’s educate you about forking and why they are essential.

What is a fork?

Forking implies any divergence in Blockchain — temporary or…

This guide to coin burning explores the question of what is coin burn and the reasons behind burning coin s in the cryptocurrency market.

What is Coin Burning?

Coin burning — as the name suggest — is a process of intentionally ‘burning’ or eliminating the coins by rendering it unusable. This is done by sending a portion of the coins to an ‘eater address’, which is often referred to as a ‘black hole’ since the private keys to that address are not obtainable by anyone. Therefore, any coins sent to an eater address are unrecoverable and cannot be used again, forever! …

This article takes a look at the current state of Ethereum and seeks to identify the root cause off its staggering drop since the start of 2018**

Ethereum (ETH) has been one of the most underperforming cryptocurrencies in the market since the entire cryptocurrency market crashed at the start of 2018. From all-time highs to a significant reduction in our portfolio by over -80%, it is high time we take a deep dive into the current issues surrounding the 2nd largest blockchain in the world.

ETH Vs Cryptocurrency Market: Poor Performance

Since the bear market at the start of 2018…

Crypto Aims

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