Bitcoin:Future of Money

There are a number of reasons why Bitcoin is inherently popular. They are anonymous, safe and absolutely decentralized. Unlike conventional currency, they are not regulated by some authority; their way is determined fully by market demand.

It is acquainted with complicated code that encrypts each and every transfer, ensuring total anonymity and utter safety to each and every user; therefore Bitcoins are impossible to counterfeit.

Back in 2008, Bitcoin seems to be the first cryptocurrency initiative when the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto released the whitepaper. The perception incorporated concepts such as perfect anonymity, finite supply, decentralization, and blockchain technology to cover the way for what we known as Bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous individual released Bitcoin in the year 2009 to the public.

Speaking for 2017, we are still far from Bitcoin, being officially recognized by a state government as a preferred mode of currency. A month ago, Bitcoin observes a 35% fluctuation in the price range. While Bitcoin price is fluctuating daily and it seems to have a bright future ahead.

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Image Source: Bitconnect