Bitcoin may have dropped in price yesterday, but these key events are going to erupt Bitcoin

Andy Little
Aug 29 · 2 min read

Bitcoin may have dropped $600 in 30 minutes yesterday, but this could be the last dip before we erupt over the exciting news coming this year.

Bitcoin Futures Expiry: 30th August

Bitcoin futures have always had a negative effect on the price of Bitcoin and could well be the reason for this recent drop.

Bakkt Exchange: 23rd September

Bakkt will be the first-ever platform to offer physically-backed Bitcoin futures contracts taking more Bitcoin off the market and locking them away.

Bitwise Bitcoin ETF: 13th October

Bitwise currently have a proposal with the SEC for a physically-backed Bitcoin ETF to be listed on the NYSE Arca.

There is strong support for the ETF and everyone is confirmed it will be approved.

Van Eck and SolidX ETF: 18TH October

Van Eck and SolidX retracted their proposal for a Bitcoin ETF earlier in the year but have since placed a new one in for the SEC to review.

Van Eck has always held high hopes they would be the first to launch physically-backed Bitcoin ETF’s but now it’s in the hands of the SEC.

China Coin: 11th November

China has been in the news a lot lately about the release of their very own cryptocurrency, trying to beat Facebook to the drop to allow their 1.3 billion citizens to access the digital currency age.

Bitcoin Halving: May 2020

Bitcoins mining reward is being halved again in May 2020 making it harder to mine the cryptocurrency and reducing the amount entering the market.

The news is there for all of us to see so let's all sit back and wait for the rest of this year to pan out and not sell at these low levels.

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Andy Little

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