The Month All OF Zilliqa Has Waited For, June!

Andy Little
Jun 1 · 3 min read

The Zilliqa Project has a very big month ahead of it, with the release of the Scilla Smart contract to the second annual Zilliqa day.

Zilliqa started the Month of June with a bang by hiring one of the most active and dedicated community members, Mark Kamphuis to the role of Head of Brand and Marketing.

The appointment has gone down very well with the community and has been praised for hiring within the ever-growing community channels. This should be a marker for any members out there that with hard work and dedication you never know what can happen.

But the hiring of Mark is just the tip of the iceberg with the month of June always destined to the month Zilliqa made it to the mainstreams of the crypto space, with the highly anticipated smart contract being confirmed for the 10th June.

Image result for zilliqa smart contract

Scilla will be fully operational from the 10th June and will allow projects to build and utilize the platform, with the high transactions per second, secure network, and building incentives the platform is sure to be a hit.

The appointment of Mark and the release of Scilla are just warm-up to the annual Zilliqa day!

The event will be held at the National Gallery Of Singapore on the 18th of June with lots of exciting news coming from the project and partners.

The event will start at 18:30 and will last approximately two hours with the agenda being released by the Zilliqa team:

  • Keynote
  • Our strategy, vision, and milestones.
  • Grant Programme & Education Efforts
  • Partner Presentations
  • Panel Session.
  • Declaration of Zilliqa Day contest winners and Thank you note.

Don’t worry if you can't make it to Singapore on such short notice, the team is live streaming the event for everyone world wide.

Everyone in the community has been waiting for this since they first heard of Zilliqa 2 years ago, they have mastered the concept of sharding and are now ready to release the full platform to the world for adoption.

One thing is for certain, Zilliqa is only just starting!

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