V-ID Striving For Adoption, Highlights From The BRU Event.

Andy Little
May 26 · 3 min read

The VIDT BRU event has been causing a stir in the crypto space with speculation of about what the big news could be.

VIDT has teased on Twitter and Reddit about big news coming on the 24th May in their BRU event, and the huge news we received definitely was worth the wait.

The team released information about a new exciting learn and earn program, a top exchange listing, VIDT security tokens, an automated validation/verification process, and a buyback from a heavy-handed investor.

Learn and Earn Program

500,000 VIDT tokens have been put aside by the team and will be distributed between community members who participate in the program. Users will watch clips and read about the V-IDT project and will be rewarded for answering the questions at the end correctly.

This could be a huge leap in the right direction for the project with knowledge comes power and the incentive of tokens will sure bring in the communities to learn about the project.

Top Exchange Listing

One of the most asked questions in the VIDT eco-space is when are they going to be listed on a large exchange? Well, the team came out and answered that question today.

The team announced that the V-ID token will be listed on a large exchange in Q3 this year exciting many early investors in the project. A bigger exchange has always been the question of debate in the V-ID community with larger exchanges offering more liquidity, volume, and exposure to investors, but the team has always stated they choose their partners and listing strategically to strengths of the project and investors.

VIDT Security Tokens

One of the most exciting announcements coming from the BRU event was the launch of VIDS. VIDS will launch in 2020 and will allow users to convert their VIDT tokens into VIDS to actually own parts of the company!

The news is super exciting with a lot of community members already talking about the chance to actually own part of the exciting company.

Automated Validation/Verification Process

An automated validation and verification process have always been one of the major goals for the project with automation offering efficiency and procession which is needed to achieve adoption.

The team has worked tirelessly to provide API V3, the API program will be integrated into partners and all validations and verifications will happen seamlessly and efficiently.

API V3 is a huge upgrade for the project that will help speed up adoption of their software for businesses.

Huge Buyback

The V-ID team has been in talks with a very heavy-handed early investor for the chance to buy back some of the VIDT tokens, the team managed to buy back 2 million VIDT tokens with further buybacks possible in the future.

The VIDT tokens have a 20% a year lock-up so not all tokens will be available immediately with 500,000 of the tokens being allocated to the Learn and Earn program and 1,000,000 being allocated to be burnt.

My Thoughts

The V-ID team has massively delivered with the updates from the event! Partners and investors should take the news as a show of commitment and content from the project as they plan to expand and develop more exposure to the project.

Bigger exchange listings will definitely offer more liquidity and exposure for the project but pegging the listing with the announcements of the learn and earn program could spell very big things for the project!

I also believe offering investors a piece of the V-ID company in the form of security tokens is a very bold move by the project and I will definitely be looking into owning piece in the future.

Overall the event was outstanding and really got the community excited I would like to take this chance to thank the V-ID team for all their hard work and commitments to the community!

Andy Little

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