Five Reasons why you should join CryptoAssetBox right now

1. Existing problems.

Nowadays 40% of founders and entrepreneurs who faced failure attributed it to a lack of market need for the product, while a staggering 29% of startups fail due to a lack of capital.

ICO(initial coin offering) change the viability of early-stage ventures by providing access to capital, disruptive technology and the ability to build large investors early in project’s life cycle through blockchain economy.

But, the market for ICO(initial coin offering) services is currently expensive and feeds off the lack of knowledge of many entrepreneurs and companies.

Undertaking a ICO(initial coin offering) is a complex process that combines legal, tax, strategy and technology workstreams.

An entrepreneur faces a complex array of challenges to successfully launch a campaign.

Challenges range from the competitiveness of the ICO(initial coin offering) space, to the requirement to run a number of complex workstreams not normally required by startups in the early stages of their development.

The global securities market is composed of three major instrument types: equities, debt, and derivatives. In 2016, these three markets had total notional values of US $67 trillion, $99 trillion, and $1.2 quadrillion, respectively.

But, securities market also has got problems.

There are still significant restrictions on who can contribute, how much they can contribute, and the total amount the business can raise, as well as SEC filings that are intended to provide fulsome information to investors but include many technical requirements and are expensive.

Businesses that need access to a larger pool of investors or higher individual contributions often struggle to raise funds.

Because issuance has been simplified but trading has not been, markets are far less liquid and have no robust market makers or price discovery mechanisms; investors may be unable to sell their shares for years, if at all.

CryptoAssetBox also intends to solve several issues which companies are witnessing. The corporate governance is defined by three major components: Governance, Finances and Workforce. In current scenario these components are not integrated and highly ineffective which in turn affect communication, decision making and information accessibility. In today’s global marketplace companies are lacking in management of these effectively.

2. The CryptoAssetBox Solution

CryptoAssetBox offers a platform for the issuance and creation of ERC20 tokens, the management of marketing campaigns, structured entity and business setup and clear milestones for project founders.

The CryptoAssetBox introduce utilization of blockchain technology to assist individuals and companies in small and large scale Crowdsales(ICO), Coin Creation(Security Token, ERC20 based usage tokens, Exchange Token), Token AirDrop, and various dapp components of blockchain-driven Ecosystem for businesses.

3. Why Invest CryptoAssetBox?

CAB token is backed by an already functioning and profitable business — CryptoAssetBox.

CryptoAssetBox is operational and regulated marketplace for Crypto Assets issuances, and it helps bridge the gap between traditional businesses and blockchain-based asset ownership and investment opportunities.

No more empty promises. Invest in a real token with a real business that is managed by a professional team of industry experts.

Buying CAB Tokens from our ICO will allow Investors to participate in an existing and moneymaking business that is at the beginning of a long-term, sustainable growth.

CAB token holders will receive 60% of CryptoAssetBox’s quarterly profits once a quarter.

4. We already have a working project

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! It’s time to grow together.

The CryptoAssetBox platform have got already 20000 active users now.

5. Five Reasons why you should join CryptoAssetBox right now

  1. Profit Share.
    Invest in a working business, Earn revenue, 100% fair for all. 
    Most ICOs sell only ideas. CryptoAssetBox is different. Our dedicated team worked hard to create a real working project. That’s why you should join real working business and get profit together now. CAB token holders will receive 60% of CryptoAssetBox’s quarterly profits once a quarter.
  2. Price.
    Secondly, the price of our CAB Tokens is at its lowest level now, so it is the very good time to buy CAB.
  3. Bonus.
    Thirdly, there are not many days left to join our Token Sale and obtain up to 60% bonus. So don’t lose the opportunity to benefit from the purchase of our CAB Tokens.
  4. Competitive Advantages.
    In addition to the above mentioned, be the first among your rivals to apply our technology and benefit from it. CryptoAssetBox will help reduce your operating costs to issue crypto assets for businesses through an easy to use platform.
  5. Real Affiliate Program.
    When you refer a new user who purchases CAB Tokens you’ll get a 10% affiliate commission.
    The commission is paid in ETH, BTC, BCH, XRP or LTC depending on the currency used from the new user to purchase the CABTokens.

Presently, CryptoAssetBox is quite unique in what we offer. Industry experts, officials and businesses have recognized this and that is the reason why CryptoAssetBox is in growing demand in the market. So, don’t hesitate, join us right now and make this journey to the new era of technological effectiveness and decentralization together with CryptoAssetBox.