Review | The Trezor Corazon Wallet

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4 min readMay 13, 2019


  • Beautifully designed with Premium Titanium
  • Supports multiple Cryptocurrencies
  • Offers fantastic extra features beyond crypto storage
  • Design of Online Hardware Wallet needs Improvement
  • Best in the Market

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This article will NOT go into the reasons why it is advisable to store your Cryptocurrencies on a Hardware Wallet. If you want to find out about that then check out our article on that here.

So after having reviewed the Trezor One, and the Trezor Model T Hardware Wallet by Satoshi Labs, it was time to review the Trezor Corazon! What? The Trezor Corazon? And if you go to the Trezor website you will not find it…This is sorcery I tell you! Nope! It is a premium version of the Trezor Model T made by a company called GRAY Singapore in collaboration with Satoshi Labs.

The Trezor Corazon functions in exactly the same way as the Trezor T but instead of being made out of premium plastic it is made of Titanium and it looks majestic. It has a smooth shiny finish to it that says luxury without being over the top. Unlike the Model T that is light as a feather, it has a nice weight to it without being too heavy to carry around. The Trezor Corazon also comes with a premium USB-to-USB-C cable used for connecting the device to your laptop. The cable is durable and has a satisfying springiness to it, (I cant stop playing with it!) its not like most cables in the market and trust me I have tested a few with my Samsung S8.

If you want to fly under the radar however, this may not be the device for you, I have used it 5 times in public and 3 times people have asked me about it. Even when I used the cable on its own to charge my S8, people thought it was cool and asked where they could get one. At which point I turned around as said if you have £528 then you can get one shipped to you in 2–3 days! Yes guys when I said it is a premium product I really meant it! The Corazon comes in three different variations, simple Titanium, Titanium with Black PVD coating and a Titanium with Gold PVD coating.

We got to test out the simple Titanium version but if you really want to splash out then go for one of the other versions they look even better and are even more exclusive! The Titanium with Black PVD coating costs £755 and is limited to 500 pieces and the Titanium with Gold PVD coating is £1,134 and is limited to just 100 pieces! Better snatch one up soon as these master pieces are bound to be sold out soon.

And before you ask nope, we are not being paid to say it, it’s just our honest opinion. If you can afford these bad boys then definitely get one, they are definitely better than the simple plastic version and are certainly bound to last longer! They are also definitely a lot better than the Trezor model T Aluminium version that costs £515, both in terms of design and functionality as these are based on the Trezor T the company’s flagship Hardware wallet. If you cannot afford it then you can always get the simple Trezor T that costs £155 pounds including shipping. It's not cheap, but security does come at a price. It's better to splash out some cash on something durable that will keep your crypto safe rather than lose all your investments! That being said if you are looking for something cheaper then check out some of our other reviews, we have revied cheaper hardware wallets in the past, such as the little brother the Trezor model one, the BC Vault, the Digital Bitbox, etc.

The Corazon comes with a beginners manual, 2 Trezor Stickers and 2 Gray Singapore stickers for your laptop, 1 personal recovery seed leaflets. The recovery seed leaflet gives you space to write the 12-word phrases.

We have tried to keep this review short and sweet; after all we all have places to go, but this has not been possible as the Trezor Corazon offers so many awesome features that we had to try out! If you have read our Article on the Trezor T then read no further, in terms of functionality the Corazon is exactly the same as the Trezor T. If you have not then you can find the article here.

Overall Rating: 9/10

A good high rating for the leader in Hardware wallets, one of our highest ratings. If you are interested in buying a cold Storage Hardware Wallet, it is the one of the best money can buy.