We are launching CryptoAvatars the 07 of October!

CryptoAvatars Trailer

After seen the Pre-launch Sale of Orion and Aurora, we’re glad to finally open our gates to more avatars and new creations.

We’re gonna be listing our 100 Avatars from the Round 2 on Opensea in a dutch auction format that will last 7 days, starting from 6.1 ETH each, until 0.5 ETH. Be sure to grab yours before anyone!

During the last few months we’ve been working closely with some avatar designers outside our team to help us improve the platform and the onboarding process.

Tomorrow 07 of October at 5pm UTC We’ll be giving them access to use the CryptoAvatars platform so they can tokenize and sell their creations on the blockchain! …

We are pleased to announce that we are testing the CryptoAvatars platform for the first time this Tuesday, 29 of September starting at 2:30pm HKT.


There will be a presentation to the project and the big reveal of the first 2 avatars ever minted on the Ethereum Network. After the reveal, the 2 ERC-721 tokens will be auctioned for 24h on Opensea, only the highest bid will receive the avatar.

The event will take place in Decentraland, right after the The WIP Asia Meetup on Cryptovoxels.

Be sure to wear your best Polygonal Mind wearable for the occasion, you’ll have a privileged spot to watch the show!

2:30pm HKT
8am CEST
6am GMT

Decentraland: https://play.decentraland.org/?position=15%2C41&realm=artemis-pink

CryptoVoxels: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/parcels/2451


This document lays the theory why CryptoAvatars.io is needed to foster a real Metaverse as a whole.

We’re in the middle of 2020, after a Covid-19 global quarantine, locking in millions of people in their houses for months. We’ve proved that remote work is viable for a lot of businesses and we’ve also experienced an increasing demand of VR technology for the future as a way of connecting each-other regardless the location.

Various “virtual reality” social platforms have been in development prior to the virus strike and all of them have been experiencing an increasing number of users during the quarantine. …



Blockchain backed platform for Virtual Reality Avatars. Create • Sell • Trade • Own. Keep your identity across the metaverse. https://discord.gg/mgeMDka

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