Cibus announce expansions to their team as they look to revolutionise the Global Food Industry

Over the last couple of weeks, Cibus has announced many changes to their team as they look to revolutionise the Global Food Industry.

Cibus is a Food Ecosystem project on the Blockchain that looks to add transparency to our food consumption. Ask yourself now, do you know what has happened to your food before you eventually eat it? Do you know what it contains? Where it stops in transport and for how long? Is the packaging labels 100% correct and accurate? There’s simply so much we do not know, as we naively and ignorantly tuck into our favourite meals. To find out how Cibus aim to tackle these questions and truly change the way we buy and eat, to find out more about them and how they plan to do this, follow the below link;

Cibus really are looking to revolutionise the Food industry, if they can carry out what they say they intend to do, then this is a serious game changer!
Of course to do this, they’re going to need the backing of a great team, they currently have this but if that wasn’t enough, they’ve added to this with the following advisers coming in;

Brand Ambassador — Cherif Ousmane

Cherif joins as a Brand Ambassador for Cibus.World and the team are delighted to have him on board.
As a football player who played for Senegal from the year 2003 and clubs such as Viborg FF, Randers FC, and ES Troyes AC, Cherif, knows the importance of eating correctly to enable him to perform to the best of his abilities.
You can see Cherif talking about Cibus below;

Advisory Board — Mr. Nitin Malhotra

Nitin is a strong capture for the Cibus team and one they will no doubt be warmly welcoming.

To get the most out of anything, you need passion and this is exactly what Nitin has for Blockchain and ICO’s.
He is the founder of Bravado Blockchain Holdings LLC and also boasts experience in social media marketing and hedge fund management for ICO’s.
This surely means the Cibus team will benefit greatly from his mentoring and experience.

Advisory Board — Michio Jibiki

Who wouldn’t want the tutelage and advice from a man with twenty-five years’ experience in investment and financial services industry?
Michio has an array of diverse dealings in alternative investment spaces like commodities, real estate and hedge funds.
Michio is also currently offering ICO consultancy services and Blockchain advice as he is the Chairman for Green Designers Association of Japan.

Advisory Board — Anton Tronenko

Such ambitious projects need marketing and Cibus have smartly recruited another strong member to the board in Anton.
Co-founder of M-CODE Digital Agency, he is a marketing specialist with more that 6 years of experience

Late 2016, Anton begun working more with projects in the Crypto space as and has since worked with more than 10 projects, ranging from the analytics and bounty campaign development to developing a full marketing strategy and managing the marketing team. These projects have harnessed more that 3.5 million dollars of investment.

Advisory Board — Mart Gitana Gasgonia

Mart comes in as a marketing specialist with considerable expertise in cryptocurrency launches and token releases.
Mart joins a very strong team where the expertise to target the right people will be crucial to the success of this project.

Overall these are all smart moves by the Cibus team. To be successful, no matter how good you are currently, you can always improve and by recruiting the right people in the right areas, you allow their creativity and skills to flourish. This is exactly what Cibus have done with the above additions and I’m looking forward to seeing Cibus flourish under their mentoring and guidance.


To check out further information about the CIBUS Food Ecosystem and their Token Sale, please visit the following links;

Token Sale WebSite

White Paper


Social Connect

You can find Cibus FOOD Ecosystem on the below platforms;











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