NEO, a major Chinese blockchain project, has travelled to many countries across the world in the past few months. They are deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of the European community and therefore they came to London for an in-depth interaction with local communities and developers.

On the afternoon of June 16, NEO held meetup in Comedy Central, London. Some outstanding NEO based projects, like NKN, Phantasma, nOS, Alchemint, etc. showed up.

NKN, New Kind of Network makes great appeareance on the stage.

NKN is the new kind of network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared Internet. NKN’s goal is to revamp the $1.4 trillion communication business. By blockchainizing the network layer, NKN is providing the missing third pillar of internet infrastructure just as Ethereum has done for compute and ipfs for storage.

Zheng “Bruce” Li made a noteworthy pitch and answered questions.

A blockchain messenger developed by NKN was displayed to the public.

NKN project reached its hardcap in seconds bringing its contributors up to 3x valuation once the tokens hit the exchange.

NEO blockchain projects are all the hype so we would definitely have a close look on the presented teams and the newcoming promising NEO projects, like NEX, nOS, Elanim Ecosystem,etc.

NKN is one of the successful NEO projects and active participant in NEO community.