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What are CryptoBits?

CryptoBits is an 8-bit crypto ecosystem coming to the Solana (SOL) blockchain with commercial IP rights.

These unique characters are all one-of-a-kind digital collectibles.

“Solana is a dead chain”

Ethereum has dominated the NFT space for quite some time, and it makes sense as to why it’s been this way. Previously, Solana wasn’t regarded to as an established chain for NFTs, but was widely recognized by eth maxis as merely a cheaper alternative chain.

Sure, fees have always been cheaper on Solana, but in the past the quality of projects were also rather cheap. There was once a time when naming even three successful/very recognized Solana NFT collections seemed nearly impossible.

Times are changing.

Solana is changing.

Many collections have seen an astronomical rise in valuation as more users transition over to the Solana network and become engaged with the culture.

Creating a culture is our #1 priority. We’re looking to establish a globally known IP.

Our future starts by creating digital experiences with built-in revenue models. This factor alone is what will separate us from traditional NFT ecosystems.

Own a piece of history.

Every CryptoBits is a unique algorithmically generated pixelated character made up of special characteristics.

CryptoBits come in two genders, male and female.

Most CryptoBits are humans. There are human types & non-human types.

There are 6 human type of characters:

Pale, Tan, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown and Spirit.

There are 6 non-human type of characters:

Aliens, Apes, Frogs, Robots, Skeletons and Zombies.

These iconic characters will establish a new wave of personas. Every asset is hand-crafted and carefully detailed. Nothing about this collection is random. The colors. The alignment. The traits. Everything designed with a specific intent and purpose in mind.

Why should YOU be excited?

This is your chance to be apart of something BIG. What we’re cooking here brings more than what your traditional NFT collection might have to offer. We plan on curating a true digital experience that holders can participate and be rewarded in.

The systems and revenue models we’re going to develop don’t involve extracting from our holders with nothing in return. We’ve studied how parts of our ecosystem can thrive exponentially in a free-to-participate environment. We’re prepared to change narratives and create new waves. Everyone will have an opportunity to get involved with CryptoBits.

CryptoBits will start the development of it’s own app this year. This app will integrate the collection (and a few others) into an interactive mobile game. This game will be one of many major catalyst in expanding our IP worldwide and generating revenue for the brand.

The development of the app would begin in Q3 of 2024.

Going Global.

CryptoBits are for everyone.

We’re going to connect users from every part of the world together to enjoy the experience of owning one.

It doesn’t matter where you live, or what you look like. There will always be a CryptoBits out there to match your vibe.

You’re just as important as any other owner of the collection. We don’t pick favorites. By holding this collection you will have access to the same rights as the rest of the CryptoBits owners.

It’ll be our privilege to offer exclusive opportunities to the owners of CryptoBits, and yours to enjoy them. Unlock more than a jpeg. Unlock value through opportunity. Value through experiences. Value in connections and mostly importantly value in community.

CryptoBits Collection FAQ

What is the plan for CryptoBits?

We’re looking to establish a globally known IP. Some of the major catalyst to doing this include the development of our own mobile app, worldwide IRL events, physical collectibles drops and rewarding the owners of the collection with exclusive profitable or exciting opportunities.

Outside of gaming, our ability to captivate users solely around the culture of the IP is equally important. People should love their CryptoBits and truly feel a connection to their NFT. Every CryptoBits has a story and a vibe.

Do the traits on our CryptoBits really matter?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you love the look of your CryptoBits, then that should be enough for you. Yes, traits do matter in terms of rarity, but if you’re just looking for a CryptoBits that vibes with you, none of that matters. We’ve handcrafted our collection with over 150+ traits to create tons of variety and options for collectors searching to pickup the perfect match for them.

Who is on the CryptoBits team and why should we trust you?

This project is run by a team of notable degens. Behind the curtain are other notable collections in web3 we’ve created that will integrate into CryptoBits as one. A team that’s been around crypto since 2019 with proof of consistency being the motive to our underlying success. A team that will remain partially anonymous but it already fully doxed. A proper reveal of the already doxed team and our history will occur prior to the mint.

Where did you come up with the name CryptoBits?

Your name is your legacy. Selecting a name that resonated with the concept of the project was important to us. CryptoBits are iconic pixelated 8 bit characters. The core roots of the project are tied to crypto but will expand further as development unveils. The name fits our IP perfectly and undoubtably will become a household name on the Solana blockchain and in all of crypto.

Do CryptoBits really come with IP commercial rights?

Yes, of course they do. CryptoBits holders are granted the same commercial rights that Yuga Labs provided for CryptoPunks in 2022. The full CryptoBits license is here.

What is the pixel dimension of the CryptoBits?

The official dimensions are 24x24px.

What is the image resolution of the CryptoBits?

The official image resolution is 2400x2400px, each file is a PNG.

Are there any 1/1’s in the collection?

No. Every single CryptoBits is already completely unique so there is no need for any 1/1s.

General FAQ

Who is the artist behind CryptoBits?

Our main artist is named Michael, a digital pioneer with multiple years of experience in 8 bit art. Michael is currently anonymous but may choose to reveal his full identity at a later date.

Is there a CryptoBits website?

Yes, is our only website. Stay aware of malicious links that are not our own.

Is there a CryptoBits Twitter?

Yes, our official Twitter (X) account is @cryptobitsnfts

Is there a CryptoBits Discord?

As of right now, there isn’t. Although this will eventually change. Stay aware of fake Discords and malicious links that are not our own.

Will there be any CryptoBits reserved for the team or the community?

Yes. A small reserve of the total supply will be allocated to team members as well as airdropped to foundational community members.

Mint FAQ

How is this mint going to work?

Our mint will be separated into three phases.

OG Phase: Guaranteed to mint up to 5 per wallet, the first mint is free. After the first mint the cost will be 1 SOL per additional NFT. This phase will last for one hour.

Whitelist Phase: Prioritized list to mint, the limit will be 5 per wallet. This phase will last for two hours.

Public Phase: Any CryptoBits not minted during the OG & Whitelist phase of the mint will be reserved for the public phase. This phase of the sale will conclude when all CryptoBits have been minted.

How do I get an OG spot?

Obtaining an OG spot can only be done by holding one of our notable collections. This will be finalized through a snapshot before mint. How do you know which collections to get? Pay attention.

We’ll be revealing more details before the mint on our X. Turn on post notifications or you might miss out…

How do I get a Whitelist spot?

You’ll want to engage with our X leading into mint for a chance on the Whitelist. We’ll be giving away these spots in various ways:

  • Interactive challenges (turn on post notifications)
  • Twitter Raffles
  • Engaged users (be present and we will notice you, keep dms open)
  • Select Projects/DAOs we choose to work with will be given spots to raffle

How much is the mint going to cost?

OG Phase: First mint is free, additional mints for 1 SOL. Max 5 per wallet.

Whitelist Phase: 1 SOL. Max 5 per wallet.

Public Phase: 2 SOL.

Will there be an instant reveal?

Yes, but technically no. Reveal will be available after the public sale is complete. It won’t be directly after the OG and whitelist mint, but directly after mint out. Once all phases have been completed and every CryptoBits is minted, then the NFTs will begin revealing to everyone. This removes the potential of sniping super rare CryptoBits early on or listing them prior to sell out.

Enjoy minting your CryptoBits!

As always, stay safe and only mint from our official website links.


Unique digital collectible characters.