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What is … Chain Guardians (Part 1)?

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This is the first article in a new series called “What is …”. It is designed to discuss upcoming Blockchain Gaming projects (with upcoming pre-sales) or established games that are using Blockchain technology.

The first game to discuss is Chain Guardians. Click here to sign up to their Whitelisting Process (Referral link for a referral contest). Below is their recently released Trailer on YouTube.

What is …

Chain Guardians is a cryptocurrency-meets-anime themed blockchain
collectable game, that has its in-game assets on the Ethereum blockchain and represented as unique ERC-721 tokens. The Whitepaper Introduction describes the game and the goals:

The ChainGuardians founders maintain experience in mobile and browser based game making as well as extensive experience and knowledge of the NFT gaming space and community. aims to bring the NFT community an unprecedented gaming ecosystem founded upon: competitive game play through chain analysis technology, advanced game economics which integrates players’ real
life cryptocurrency and NFT holdings, as well as the experience of expandable and persistent multi- blockchain worlds.

At ChainGuardians, our vision is to create some of the world’s most enjoyable blockchain gaming experiences through combining traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technology.

The vast majority of the version one gaming content will be played through users’ web browsers; whilst in our development aims we envision building a gaming platform which is capable of functioning upon existing or developing virtual worlds, or as a completely separate entity.

Our assets, including: weapons and armour, as well as our Guardian and supporting characters, are digital collectables also known as cryptocollectibles. The collectible assets, which can be deployed in our game, are represented through unique ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens (see below) on the Ethereum blockchain. This ensures our assets are one of a kind; preventing them from duplication or counterfeit.

All our collectible assets are of a limited quantity, ensuring they retain their scarcity and value within marketplaces. Users will have the option to buy and sell our assets, initially on secondary Non-Fungible Token marketplaces.

Ok, so that introduction to Chain Guardians is great, but we need more detail to understand the game and to answer the questions that I will want to propose to each game that I review.

Is their any gameplay yet to test (Alpha/Beta maybe)? What makes it a Blockchain game? Are there NFTs to purchase, pre-sale mechanics, rarity, hype. A lot of the articles in this series are going to try and deep dive into the projects to offer an objective view about the game and answer these (and hopefully more) questions. I can’t cover everything, but hopefully it should help to break down the game with my experience in the sector, in the games themselves and as a potential investment opportunity for early investor. Return On Investment (ROI) for a lot of players is important (and to me), but it isn’t everything. The game needs to be fun to play too.

Chain Guardians Road Map

On the Chain Guardians website they have a Road Map to view (pictured above) and a Public Whitepaper to download/view. My first impressions through reading the website and the Whitepaper is that the project is complex, thorough and the team have high ambitions. All these are good signs in my opinion, but it does take a slight leap of faith from a Pre-Sale NFT investor point of view. This is because, there isn’t any gameplay video currently, nor a playable Alpha/Beta/Demo. This certainly isn’t a Red Flag, but it would be nice to see and especially to play a demo (A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)).

The Whitepaper is here:

It is a Public Whitepaper that is 25 pages long. It would take me a considerable amount of time to discuss and dissect the document in this article. So I have chosen to “cherry-pick” the key points, and mainly focus on the pre-sale mechanics and gameplay that is described here and on the Chain Guardians Social Posts (On Medium, Steem, Twitter etc — Links Below).

The Pre-Sale is being run in conjunction with the Secondary marketplace OpenSea. Initially one character is for sale in varying rarities and quantities. This character is called Captain Devex Attazer (The name is based on an amalgamation of the OpenSea founders names).

The Open Sea link through to the Chain Guardians sale from the Homepage

The details on the characters in Chain Guardians have uniqueness, and in the NFT collecting world, with sufficient scarcity, could mean value. The characters fall into the following categories: Legendary, Rare, Uncommon and common. The characters themselves can either be Guardians, Captains (like Devex Attazer), Lieutenants or Officers. There is also a hierarchy, so for example, Guardians are always Legendaries, Officers are either Rare to Common etc. The below table describes this in detail.

Detailed schematic of the characters from the Chain Guardians Steem Page

This table also describes the Character names, the rarity, the natural ability and the Number of Catches (the scarcity). i.e. For Captain Devex Attazer, there are only ever 3 Legendaries, 7 Rares and 500 Commons. You can also see that the Uniqueness varies depending on the Army Rank, eg. Officers can only ever be Rare, Uncommon or Common.

Focusing back on the current pre-sale, Chain Guardians is doing something quite unique. They have a partnership with Colletrix, and some of the Captain Devex Attazer NFTs are being auctioned in conjunction with a collectible watch which is designed and engineered by Colletrix. These auctions are exclusively being sold on OpenSea from the 7th July through to the 10th July. The breakdown for the Captain Devex Attazer Pre-Sale is displayed in the table below:

Only 1 Legendary is available through the Auction on OpenSea. 5 out of the 7 Rares are available through Auction too (all of these include a Watch). The bulk that are available are Uncommons for 0.35 ETH each. The catches not on sale are either offered as in game rewards, or other contests. It should be noted that the Uncommon Edition NFT and watch offer are being released incrementally on OpenSea. Not all catches from 11–450 will be released on the same day, but gradually at varying time frames. The cost of the NFT will also rise by 0.01ETH every so many purchases made to incentivise early buyers.

My opinion on this part of the sale is quite favourable, it’s a unique sale no doubt, and could be exciting during the final hours depending on the hype. Reading through the Blogs and the Whitepaper I have been happy to purchase a Captain on OpenSea for 0.35 ETH. So I’m the proud owner of #43 Captain Devex Attazer.

I’m also happy that my Devex has the maximum Total Power available for a Uncommon Edition (81 out of 100). The Captain will be put to work in the game as soon as possible.

This first “What is …” article has proven to be quite a task, so I’m going to have to split it into 2 parts. The second part will go more in-depth into all aspects. Including the details in the Whitepaper for the Chain Guardians project.

The links in this article out to External sites contain Referral links for the Chain Guardians Whitelist — I’d really appreciate if you use this link to Sign up. The links out to OpenSea contain a referral link that I may get 1% of any sale from OpenSea that you purchase. Again, I’d really appreciate it if you used a link if you’re going to buy.

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