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What is … Introduction to a new Series of Articles about Blockchain Gaming.

Welcome to a new series of articles that I intend to write about upcoming Games built on a Blockchain. I always appreciated the late John (TotalBiscuit) Bain’s “WTF is series” of Indie Game YouTube reviews. TB was an inspirational character for a vast worldwide audience of gamers, and I hope my written version of a “What is …” series will be well received and would be content that he’d be proud of.

To read more about John Bain, aka Total Biscuit please read this BBC News Article which chronicled his life. I’d encourage you to go down the Rabbit Hole to discover his work and legacy.

I’ve always been a gamer across multiple platforms from a early age in the 1980s. I played on my ZX Spectrum then a Commodore 64 followed. After that (these may not be in order) an Amiga, Gameboy, NES, SNES, N64, PlayStation, PS2, PC Gaming, Xbox and mobile gaming. I’ve never really had a favourite genre, just whatever piqued my interest at the time. A future article to discuss my Gaming history may be something for me to consider in the future.

This series of articles is where I intend to discuss/review and give my honest opinions of upcoming, or current Blockchain games. I will write these independently in a series called “What is …”

I’ll use this part of the article in the future to provide hyperlinks to my articles (acting as a Contents Page). The first “What is …” article will cover ChainGuardians– This is a link to sign up to their WhiteList for the Pre-Sale (should be posted today – 7th July 2019).

I if am ever paid to do a review I will declare it, and some articles will occasionally include Referral/Affiliate links to the game themselves. Again, I will declare any referral links with a disclaimer that will always be displayed in the article itself.

I encourage you to discuss with me upcoming games on Twitter/Discord with my details below. I’d love to be made aware of any hidden gems that deserve the attention and reviews.

I appreciate any Claps for the articles and of course any tips. Please follow me here on Medium & on Twitter. My Social Details are below.

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