Why CryptoDNA’s Technology is So Attractive

In order for any consumer to make a switch from their preferred product or service to a new option — a competing option — they need to feel compelled to do so by overwhelming evidence. That being said, why am I almost positive that I’ll stop using AirBnB once CryptoBnB is fully functional? The answer is simple: CryptoBnB’s technology is undeniable.

When we talk about technology in cryptocurrency, things get complicated. Dozens of features are listed but not fully explained, and it barely matters because most readers won’t understand them anyway. With CryptoBnB, the most important terms you need to understand are “Blockchain,” “Artificial Intelligence,” and “Big Data.” Luckily, these technologies are easily explained. Even luckier, the benefits of these technologies are obvious and simple.

CryptoBnB’s existence on a blockchain means that the service is decentralized. Rather than relying on a central authority, the data involved is possessed by every user. This results in far lower costs when compared to AirBnB because there is no need for an Escrow service.

Artificial Intelligence makes CryptoBnB a smarter and more efficient vehicle for finding and selling short-term rentals. Searches will be quicker and easier, and the technology will actually learn user preferences. Finally, the inclusion of Big Data in the equation means that the technology will have a massive amount of information to draw from. The more information there is, the quicker the AI can learn, and the more powerful the service becomes.

The combination of blockchain technology, AI, and Big Data results in a service that is undeniably superior to any short-term rental service currently operating. You can stay loyal and hold out as long as you want. Sooner or later, the results will speak for themselves.