New updates: x2 Battle points, new Fancy Bot and module!

Hey, everybody!

We wanna share to you the latest news:

X2 Battle points!

A player within a day can receive x2 points for three bonus fights — 8 points in case of victory and 2 points in case of defeat.

For example — having won in all 3 available bonus battles during the action, the player will receive 24 points of the tournament. And having lost in all three battles, he will get 6 points.


  • The number of fights for which the player can get x2 tournament points — 3
  • Bonus battles do not be collected more than 3.
  • New 3 bonus battles appear for the player at 00:00 PDT.
  • If the player has 1 or 2 bonus battles, then during the promotion of the promotion their number will increase to the standard 3-eh, without any compensation and addition of the number of fights.
  • If the player has spent all the bonus battles during the current day, he will see a timer on the action icon showing how much time is left before the appearance of the next bonus battles.

New module

Name — Ruby
Rarity — Uncommon

New Fancy Bot

Boom! Long-awaited Dreadful has appeared! Find him, immediately!