Trade. Pay. Borrow. Play.

On this four major aspects the team is building it’s project. It looks pretty good though. The project focuses on stock trading, electronic money, exchange and lending on the blockchain.

Sovren team offers us round-the-clock 24/7 trading, access to the major tools and cryptocurrencies. The possibility to create own smart-contracts will also be available on Sovren platform .

The main advantages of the Sovren platform: 
1. No Commissions 
2. Ability to pay for goods from the Sovren app.
3. Lending in the Sovren app.
4. 24/7 trading through the Sovren app.

The team is planning to get all the necessary documentation for regulators, it’s mean they are oriented on the institutional investors as well. Passing KYC, AML, PEP, etc., is mandatory for using the app.

Sovren team offers customer support in preparation of documents for legal departments and tax authorities in your country. Traditional brokerage services will also be available on the platform. The KYC, AML, PEP processes will be able for passing through the app. Customers will be available to issue their own tokens(equity), the team will help to implement it to your business model and manage assets, as well as comply with all necessary regulatory requirements for documentation and accounting.

The one thing that can be a benefit here is a small marketplace for developers, for example, creating a trading robot or signal on the platform, I think that would be in demand

The roadmap of the project has been stretched for almost 3 years, that in terms of cryptocurrency world is almost eternity. But, to be fair, it is worth to mention that the team include the project scaling into the roadmap. Beta should be available by 2019.

Sovren has partnerships already, which is good. It cannot be said that there are some famous foundations, but no one has yet canceled the “black horses” in the world of cryptocurrency.

Soft cap of the project is 5.5 millions of USD, what is quite a lot, not to mention the hard cap of 55 million dollars. The price of 1 token SVRN = 1$. The Numbers are high, but this market is promising for developers, and who will survive on it — time will tell.

To invest in the project or not — everyone decides for himself. Do not forget to carefully study the documentation and the team before investing your money!

We also have a video review of this ICO: