A tough day for Crypto Burgers

The attack on the project’s liquidity

This Monday, the 17th, was one of the most awaited days for the NFT community, thousands of people were eager to start cooking their burgers. After a slower rollout than the team would have liked, everything started perfectly, the $BURG token managed to make a x9 and hit the $0.45 price at launch, stabilizing very well in the $0.28 — $0.35 range during its first hours of life.
Players were able to enjoy the firing of their NFTS and see how everything worked perfectly. Until the fateful moment at 3:34:17 UTC, when a malicious individual, who had discovered an exploit that had the contract for our $BURG token, managed to burn a large part of the tokens in the liquidity pool, thus greatly increasing the price of the token.
This individual immediately liquidated the token he had previously acquired, thus stealing $770K from the liquidity pool.
This was followed by mass sales by users trying to save their investments, leaving the token empty.

To date, the identity of the individual who attempted to undermine the stability of Crypto Burgers is unknown. Some of the community speculates and believes that this could have been caused by one of the members of the Crypto Burgers team. But this is where I want to raise some questions so that everyone can think and meditate on what happened.

1º The possibility of editing or manipulating the contract of the $BURG token resided only in 2 persons of the team, one of which is me, Alex and Juan, who is the blockchain development expert of the project. Both people are active partners of the project, which means that we actively participate in the benefits and expenses of the project, therefore, if the game goes well and the community is happy it is beneficial for the team. On the contrary if things get complicated as in this situation, it is very detrimental to everyone, as we suffer heavy losses in the project.

With this I mean, that it makes no sense to propitiate an attack against our own game, it would be like throwing stones against our own roof. The exploit has been due to a human error, which could have been avoided by performing the audit previously, and not later as it was planned.

2º Crypto Burgers has not incurred at any time in a fraud of any kind, everything has been developed as promised from the beginning, listening to the opinions of the community and implementing the most demanded mechanics by users. After the restoration of the new tokens everything is still at the same point that was left the other day, and the only thing that is affected is the opinion of certain users.
It is true that the NFT community has been dragging the ballast of scams and theft for a long time, and this has greatly undermined the morale and patience of the players, we want to be pragmatic and we understand the point of view of those who supported the project from the beginning.
That’s why we call on all the community that has supported the project from day one, to think for a few minutes after reading the post about how Crypto Burgers has behaved with its users from day one.

In different occasions the DEFI or NFT projects when suffering attacks of this style, can wash their hands and let everything happen and their project die, but the Crypto Burgers team accepted the blame for their mistake and in less than 24 hours outlined the plan to restore the problems occurred and leave all users in a neutral point, without harming or benefiting anyone.

Let’s also remember that since we started as a project, we have faced any adversity, and we have resolved Improving both the quality and the structure of the project in each new advance.

3º Now with the release of the new $CBURG token is it a good idea to sell everything in panic and forget about the game? Go to the next NFT game that catches the attention of users and take a risk on something new and totally unknown, or is it better to give a vote of confidence to a fully functional project, which has been showing its face from the very first moment and fighting for what it has created. CryptoBurgers is not sinking, because it has a strong development team and a community that pushes the game up at every hard moment and does not let itself be cowed by threats from users who, driven by fear and ignorance of what has happened, only sow FUD.

4º Crypto Burgers has had a hard blow at the start, and is solving it, but Crypto Burgers is strong and knows that its community has the control over the game, which is the only one who has to decide whether to continue to support the project in which they believed since that first Landing page so basic …

Unlike other projects, which are spent granting large amounts of tokens for marketing and thus making big decisions fall on a few individuals, Crypto Burgers did not grant a single $BURG token to any user, except a minimum amount intended for the Moderators of the community.
In this way, the health of the token was preserved for the benefit of the community.
Providing a long life to the project marked by the players.

If the community decides to continue believing in what they bet on, the team will never turn its back on them, and will continue to work hard for the project.

Restoration progress

  • The contract for the new token was finalized yesterday, and two auditors were immediately contacted to verify and approve it.
    The two auditors chosen were Hacken and SolidProof.
    Hacken has yet to send us their response, as it takes 2 business days to reply, but SolidProof has already given the go-ahead and we are waiting to process the information requested and make the payment.
    Once this audit starts working, we have been informed that it will take around 4–5 working days.
  • The database of the wallets has been extracted from all the transfer movements previously occurred, once with this information, we began to calculate the balances that had all these wallets at the time prior to the attack.
    And then we took care of the panic-sale ones.
  • The game is still paused, since the most fair thing is that there is a neutrality with respect to the day of the attack. We will try to reopen as soon as possible, but first we must check the databases to avoid possible users who injected a large amount of DBURG in the game once the price went up due to the burning.

Game progress

The game previews do not slow down the token restoration work, as the team is divided into different groups.


We expect that the release of the new $CBURG token will be accompanied by a stable staking of $DBURG which will provide us with some very interesting benefits such as:

- Powerful APR which will encourage holders to keep their tokens and continue supporting the project.

- Constant experience that you will be able to claim and give more power to your account with much better roasts.

In the next previews we will explain in detail how this staking will work!

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