Lukso (LYXe): The Future of NFTs and Ethereum

Lukso (LYXe) token
  1. LUKSO is basically ahead of ETH2.0 when it comes to running a beacon chain compatible with the ETH network. This is due to the ETH-725 standard being created. (BTW, their main net is set to launch very soon, around September is the guess). LUKSO is pretty much the Kusama ($KSM) of the Ethereum platform.
  2. Digital Certificates & Identities — LUKSO is combining blockchain and RFID technology to allow owners to verify a product’s journey across the supply chain to ensure its integrity. They have a number of advisors from Nike, Chanel, Highsnobiety and Instagram. The likely solution LUKSO brings is to stop the fraudulent sneaker & luxury goods market by having LUKSO tags (which have already been made) into their products. Digital Identifies — During the Helsinki Fashion Week, each participant was given a digital passport which included the latest releases by the participating designers as an NFT, allowing them to try on and visualise the collections. This kind of innovation is well suited to tackle the challenges posed by the emergence of Virtual Reality, where an increasingly larger number of users is adhering to this new paradigm that puts growing importance into developing your digital self to be as singular and distinguishable as possible.
  3. Universal Profiles — LUKSO is working on “universal logins”. Imagine all your social media accounts in one place, accessible through the same gateway, of which you’re the sole owner. E.g. Elon Musk having one universal profile, where you can verify everything he says.
  4. NFTs — With multiple luxury brands in the partnership, it’s highly likely that any future NFT released by Nike, Chanel, etc. will be utilising the Lukso network and the $LYXe token



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