10 Best Android Games For Girls (2023)

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1) Candy crush saga

10 Best Android Games for Girls — Number 1 on the list of 10 Best Games for Girls is Candy Crush. It is like a forbidden fruit. Once you start playing it, you cannot get your hands off the smartphone.

The game is most addicting with game sounds that just set the mood and soak you in the mesmerizing gameplay. The game is developed by the King’s Studio the game has been downloaded 500 Million times on google play and is one of the most played games on either Android or iOS platforms.

Girls and boys everyone finds the game addicting and cannot live without clearing one level after the other. Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play a game. But some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require some payment.

The game requires the player to clear the levels by matching the same type of candies and some of the magical candies you get from time to time. The level of difficulty increases as you move ahead in the game. It is probably one of the most addicting mobile games, and you must try it if not done already.

2)FarmVille 2

10 Best Android Games for Girls –The number 2 on the list is FarmVille 2. The game is made by the Zynga company, a well-known maker of casual games on the mobile platform. It is a phenomenal game, and girls get glued to the game once the FarmVille bug bites them. Now, it is the world’s most popular farming game and comes with new adventures compared to what we saw in the FarmVille 1 game.

The earlier game was a massive success on the social media platform, Facebook, and girls around the world play that for hours through some of the notifications would have irked their friends.

The game is about harvesting farm fresh crops of your favourite delicious fruits and vegetables, collecting rare and hidden items as you explore the farms with levels up. You can do fishing, gardening, or nurture your farm dog in this farming adventure game.

3)Angry Birds

Number 3 on the list of 10 Best Games for Girls to Play on Smartphones is Angry Birds. This game has been one of the most played games of 2012–2014 years, and this game stole a lot of people’s hearts. It is an enjoyable game, and if you start to play this game you can spend hours with the game without blinking an eye.

Why The birds got Angry because the ugly Pigs stole their eggs, so, our Angry Birds want to take revenge on the pigs by destroying all the defenses that the pigs have set up.

The player must estimate the angle at which the Angry bird is catapulted to destroy the defence of the Pigs. The game has immense graphical details and the most enchanting lovely sounds. The different birds get different powers from time to time, and the levels become difficult as you progress in the game.

4)Cut the rope 2

Number 4 on the list of 10 Best Games for Girls to Play on Smartphones is Cut the Rope 2. It is a free game that you can enjoy on your Android and iOS for free. Adventure games are a good time passer whenever you get a break from your work or relax from your stress.

Cut the Rope 2 brings fresh, challenging new tasks and unanticipated obstacles to candy crunching, a physics-based game that has delighted millions of players today.

The game is all new compared to the older version of cut the rope and comes with new adventures and new characters as you progress further in the game it becomes more demanding, and you will need to apply yourself to cross the hurdles.

5)Fruit Ninja

The original game is revamped by the studio later. The newer version of fruit ninja is better with new levels, graphics, and more interesting scenarios. Now all the Blades and Dojos have a unique effect on gameplay.

Want a ten-fruit Great Wave? Bouncing clouds to never drop a fruit? Swirling tornados for epic combos? Yeah, the new version of the game has it all. The game is about slicing fruits, and as the levels progress, you get new powers and blades to accomplish your missions.

6)Pet Rescue Saga

10 Best Android Games for Girls — Who does not want a pet, maybe we may not be able to keep a real one. But the idea of a virtual pet is liberating. The game has more than 50 million downloads, and you know this is Ex’s favourite.

The King’s Studio makes the game. They are also the makers of Candy Crush Saga, which is becoming one of the popular games for smartphones. Match two or more blocks of the same colour to clear the level and rescue your pets from the evil Pet Snatchers.

The game moves are limited when you leveled up, and the game offers challenging scenarios to rescue your pets from the evil snatchers. Good match with enchanting sounds and beware; you can be addicted to this game.

7) CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

10 Best Android Games for Girls — CATS is an online multiplayer game where you can fight with unknown players and beat them with your car. You can customize your whole car according to your preference and if you are a girl who loves to create things and who is curious to know how things work then you must download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.

Here you’ve to unlock the latest weapon for your car to beat enemies and win the match. In CATS you’ve to clear 24 stages to reach the finals and then you’d become the star of this game globally. The developers of Cut the Rope develop CATS, which means there will be no compromise with the graphics and the gameplay. So go ahead and use the customized weapons to defeat your enemies.

8)Princess give birth to baby

For all the princes out there, this is a chance to help a real princess. As an educational game, Real princes gives birth to a baby, is created to teach how to take care of an expectant prince’s Penny. The game story is about a Princess whose daughter has always wanted to have a brother or sister. And now her dreams are coming true — it is time for Princess to give birth.

In this game the player acts as a doctor, checking Princess Penny’s blood pressure, heartbeat, or fever and even provides a pill to relax. After the baby is born, you will also need to act as a consultant to the child, checking the physical condition of the child and even picking out clothes for the cute baby.

It is a unique concept, and some may totally like the game, and some may simply ignore it. That’s all up to you.

9)Quizz up

If You like competing in the Quiz Competition and expand your knowledge, this is the right game for you with unique, visually engaging Questions and Answers. The game is gripping in nature. The best part is you can compete against online Rivals and can continuously increase your skillset.

The game has a lot of variety of topics ranging from current pop culture to obscure scientific facts, to sports, geography, historical events, famous people, and geography. The game also helps you skilled up your vocabulary and spellings with beautifully illustrated new questions.

The game has a massive collection of topics like Arts, Business, Games, Movies, Education history, Lifestyle, and Literature. Quizz up is one of the best game I play so far. If you want to time pass and skilled up your knowledge Quizz up is the right game for you.

10)Baker Story

The last game on the list of 10 Best Games for Girls to Play on Smartphones is Baker Story. In this game, the player needs to design her own bakery and make sure customers are always happy and well-fed with the food items. You put your creativity on the loose when building the bakery and customizing the menu to suit your tastes. After that, you can showcase your bakery to earn extra-special tips from your online friends. You can invite your friends on Facebook to be your neighbours.

Another fun game that you should probably give a try.



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