Announcing Subcontinents

A lot of CryptoCities players have been eagerly awaiting this announcement, so here we go:

  • The first Subcontinent will drop at 2pm PST on Monday, March 12, 2018.
  • When a new Subcontinent is released, it will be owned by the player who owns the most Countries in that Subcontinent at 1pm PST. Our team will check the timestamps and announce the winners before the Subcontinents drop.
  • If multiple players own the same # of Countries in a Subcontinent, the tie will be broken by their total value of Countries.
  • When the Subcontinent is first bought, that price is paid to the Subcontinent winner (see below for initial listing price details).
  • Subcontinent owners will get a 15% premium when their Subcontinent is bought by another player.

Commission Structure:

  • Subcontinent owners will get 2.5% of all trades of the Countries in their Subcontinent.
  • Subcontinent owners will also get 1% of all trades of the Cities in their Subcontinent.

Here’s the best part:

In our Discord, we’ll announce exactly which Subcontinents will be released the day before they drop, which will drive some game speculation on the Countries in that Subcontinent 😃. So join now!

Initial Listing Prices:

  • When a player wins a Subcontinent using 2 or more Countries, the launch price will be the average of the prices of all the Countries in that Subcontinent (excluding the disqualified ones; see P.S. below).
  • When a player wins a Subcontinent using 1 Country, the launch price will be half the price of that Country (so players don’t just buy 1 Country and get 100% back 😉).

Finally, the full list of Subcontinents and their Countries:

See links at bottom right of table to download or view a larger version


P.S. Some players may try to game the system by locking up Countries in auction sites. So from the minute we announce the next day’s Subcontinents — any Countries in those Subcontinents that are on OpenSea, Rarebits and similar sites are automatically disqualified from the Subcontinent giveaway. Our scripts hit the auction sites continuously, so we’ll have a running tally of the disqualified Countries.