For the first time ever, a bank is launching an ICO

The Crypto Guy

Impak Finance is a startup that has raised well over 7 figures last fall and they just announced their ICO. This is an incredible moment, a bank embracing cryptos! Impak Finance isn’t quite a bank yet however, but they plan to transition from investment fund to a bank by 2019. The money they’re raising now is to help them make the jump.

With their newly announced ICO they’re looking to raise $11.5M which shouldn’t be too hard to do with today’s very favourable climate to ICOs.

They’re offering a 25% bonus during the presale, which is on the high end of bonuses companies preparing ICOs usually offer.

Their coin, called impak Coin, or MPK, is a currency that can be redeemed in real life at any of their partners’ location or used to lend/invest in companies through their ecosystem which they call

The coin should sell out pretty quickly because of its scarce offered volume and big bonus during the presale.

Their website:

PS: To get the 25% bonus you need to signup as seen below and enter the following VIP Code “Earlyimpak”

Any other Crypto/ICO you would like us to cover in our miniseries? Let us know!

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