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Mar 2 · 8 min read

Blix Group Review

There was a time when you actually had to go to the market in order to search for a broker. You had to reach out to brokers, visit their offices and then decided which one to go with. The process was not only time consuming, but there were no guarantees that you could find someone trustworthy. The good news is that the internet has simplified things considerably over the years. These days, you can find a broker with a quick Google search, but once again, there is some uncertainty. Therefore, you need to do your research to find a brokerage that’s just right for you.

There is absolutely no shortage of options, but there are plenty of scams as well, which means you need to be very cautious. One of the most reliable brokers you can find is “Blix Group”. This broker specializes in cryptocurrency and forex trading, but also gives you access to a variety of other assets and financial products that you can trade.

The simple fact is that even though Blix Group is a new establishment, it has rapidly garnered a positive reputation in the market because it is an all-in-one solution that appeals to all kinds of traders. If you are interested in trading in the Cryptocurrency and Forex market, “Blix Group” will give you access to 17 currency pairs, which include some of the most exotic options like Russian Ruble, Hong Kong Dollar, South African Rand, Singapore Dollar and Turkish Lira among others. There are a wide array of cryptocurrencies that you can also trade such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Apart from that, Blix Group gives you the opportunity of investing in CFDs on commodities such as coffee, wheat, sugar and corn. You can trade oil and natural gas and even spot metals such as silver, palladium, platinum and gold, along with 16 indices. Suffice it to say, no matter what financial asset interests you or what trading market you wish to join, you can easily do so on “Blix Group”. Nevertheless, it is not just the availability of assets that makes “Blix Group” so appealing to traders all over the world. The brokerage has also created choices in the type of account you wish to open on the platform.

Typically, most brokerages will only provide you with three standard options, but “Blix Group” has gone a step ahead and now offers custom account types to different kinds of traders. There are five options at your disposal and they are mentioned as follows:

Basic Account

As the name indicates, this is a very basic account that provides 10% leverage and asks for a minimum deposit of EUR 500. You can invest as much as EUR 2,500, depending on how much you are comfortable in investing. Signing up for this account type will enable you to get trading alerts and some advanced charts and you can also get part-time access to some very useful educational materials that “Blix Group” offers. This account also provides you with a 30% loyalty bonus.

Silver Account

Next up is the Silver Account that carries a minimum deposit of EUR 2,500, but you can go as high as EUR 10,000 if you don’t mind. This account has a leverage of 20% and offers the same bonus and features like the basic account. Trading sessions can also be attended twice a week and customer support is available 24/5.

Gold Account

This is an account that’s designed for more experienced traders as its minimum deposit is around EUR 10,000 and you can invest as much as EUR 50,000. This is considered a premium account and provides you with 30% leverage. One of the unique features of this account is that it gives you access to the complete educational materials on “Blix Group”, which means you can enroll in courses and attend webinars. There are additional trading sessions, you get exclusive updates along with trading alerts.

Platinum Account

Serious traders will prefer to go with the Platinum account as they do have the means of investing around EUR 50,000 and more, which is the minimum deposit. The maximum amount that can be invested is EUR 250,000. You can get unlimited trading sessions through this account and the loyalty bonus and leverage is increased to 40% in this account type. All other features of the above mentioned accounts are also available here and you also get some additional perks in the form of money management and daily market review.

Diamond Account

The last account option, but definitely not the least one, is the Diamond one, which works for VIP traders. You have to start investment at a minimum of EUR 250,000 and can go as high as you prefer. This is a good choice or traders who are not afraid to take risks. You can access junior account managers and also senior ones and the leverage and loyalty bonus is also increased to 50%.

Traders can go with the account type that suits their background and experience in the trading market and don’t have to invest more than they are comfortable with. Other than the account types, “Blix Group” is also set apart from the other brokerages because of the trading platform it has chosen to use. Instead of going with the MetaTrader 4, which is the usual choice of most brokerages, “Blix Group” has chosen to use the Contract for Difference (CFD) software that can provide trades with a seamless and smooth trading experience.

Some other brokerages have also gone down this route and have achieved good results and “Blix Group” has done the same. It boasts a simple and clean user-interface that doesn’t experience any lags or breaks, which might have an impact on the overall trading experience. One of the best things about this trading platform is that it is quite lightweight so it will not take up a lot of space or slow down your device or machine. Furthermore, it also provides traders with access to a multitude of tools and strategies that can be immensely beneficial for them in the long run.

In order to get started with trading on “Blix Group”, you need to choose the account type that suits your preferences. When you have done so, you will need to fund your account for getting started. Here again, “Blix Group” has prioritized its customer base by ensuring that they have access to a variety of payment methods, whether they are depositing money or making withdrawals. The standard popular methods, which include debit and credit cards like MasterCard and Visa, are provided and they enable deposits and withdrawals to be done immediately. Likewise, bank wire transfers are also an option, but their processing time is anywhere between 3 and 7 days.

One of the biggest perks that traders can enjoy on “Blix Group” is a free withdrawal every month. This is a huge benefit because the costs of withdrawals can often eat away the profits made by the traders. You can make the first withdrawal in a month free of charge and only pay a fee when multiple withdrawals are made in a single month. While all of this sounds really good, trusting a brokerage with your money can be immensely tough for some. After all, we have all heard about the cases of draining of accounts, hacking, identity theft and other kinds of scams and frauds.

Not only is “Blix Group” aware of these problems, it has also taken steps to mitigate these risks and provides assurance to its client base. They keep the brokerage funds and those of their clients in segregated accounts for maintaining independence. The online brokerage has implemented rigorous procedures for making this happen because this can be effective in preventing the misappropriation of funds. Only authorized individuals are allowed to access the accounts and this authority has also been given to a limited number of people.

Stringent internal controls have also been implemented by “Blix Group” and the brokerage is in compliance with all Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures as well as international fraud regulations. In addition, “Blix Group” requests its clients to submit several documents that are used for identity verification and these documents are used for verifying when withdrawals are made to ensure to mix ups happen. Furthermore, “Blix Group” has also made use of a 256-bit SSL encryption for securing communications. The HTTPS secure website protocol is also in place and it ensures that third parties are unable to access any confidential data.

Traders are also instructed to not share their account details and passwords with anyone and strong firewalls are also used for keeping hackers out. Even if there is a problem, customers can reach out to the customer service department of . Unlike other brokerages, “Blix Group” has taken a number of steps to ensure that its users don’t have to complain about the poor customer service. Others are known to make their users wait for getting answers to questions or when they want to get their problems resolved. “Blix Group” doesn’t believe in doing so because it understands that things change quickly in the market and delays can lead to major losses.

Therefore, you will find that the customer service team at is very responsive and provide you with concise and useful solutions. Another perk is that you can reach them through multiple channels and get a response as quickly as possible. You can contact them through the live chat option, email or even Skype and they are available 24/5. In this way, you can continue your trading without any interruptions or delays. Most of the time, new traders are the ones who need assistance because they are unfamiliar with how the market works.

In order to address this issue, has also created a complete education center on its website where these traders can find the information they are seeking. Beginners will find courses on different kinds of trading and they will be able to grasp the basics through the videos, e-books and webinars provided on the website. For instance, you can learn about the rules of the forex market, how to start trading cryptocurrencies and also find out the best ways of trading stocks and indices.

The best part is that the education center also has something to offer to experienced traders. Professionals conduct the webinars explaining the various aspects of the market and the information is accurate and detailed. There are course that focus on new and modern trading approaches and also discover new trading styles that can come in handy. In the long run, this can be incredibly useful for all traders.

All these measures and features undoubtedly make Blix Group a good brokerage and traders can definitely benefit from using it. However, there is one feature that makes it the best choice out there; this is the opportunity of earning an income from other sources as well. Other than trading, “Blix Group” provides its clients with opportunities through which they can add hundreds of dollars to their account. There is a referral program, which is implemented by the brokerage, and a direct referral provides traders with 10% commission on every deposit made by the one they referred.

Similarly, if someone they referred directly also refers someone, the trader also gets a 3% commission from the amount they deposit. Through these referrals, traders will be able to generate an income even when they are not making any active trades on “Blix Group”. Affiliate programs have also been made available for contracts trading and users can also try their hand at these.

On a whole, Blix Group can provide you with a complete package for all your trading needs. Even when you increase your investment and become a full-time trader, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of switching platforms and can continue to use it for making your trades easily.

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