The Cryptoverse Belongs to All of Us


Building Healthy and Vibrant Communities

Look at the growth and history of Bitcoin on a yearly chart. Bitcoin, which celebrated its 10th birthday this past January has grown faster than any major currency in history. In the past, I let time do the talking and Bitcoin has always prevailed. However, this time is different. We need to clean up and look the part. Every now and then you have to put a suit on and comb your hair. Decentralization doesn’t have to be so jankity.

Our new CCT platform will be a true home for crypto communities.

…A place with readily available information for noobs to get started in a way that feels safe and welcoming with judgment-free forums for them to ask questions from subject matter experts.

We are creating this platform to achieve that, because we’d like to see the true potential of crypto come to fruition.

Crypto Coin Trader started as a group of friends, we grew into a community, and we will rebuild on top of the holes left by those who came into crypto for the wrong reasons. I see this project every time I look into the mirror. It is who I am as a person. It has the fingerprints of every person who has ever posted and commented in CCT ingrained in its DNA. The idea that we shaped this through our love for the space, and built it on the collection of all our thoughts and ideas, is a testament to what this space and group can accomplish. It is just the beginning.



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Joe Blackburn

Joe Blackburn


President and Co-Founder of Crypto Coin Trader, Joe Blackburn has developed one of the strongest and largest communities in the Blockchain and Crypto space.