Neo’s first token is listing. Red Pulse FAQ

First and foremost WALLETS

Your coins are not saved in the wallets (neo gui, neon, but in the blockchain online. Wallets are interchangeable interfaces where you enter your private key to access them.

  • Neo Gui RPX = Still works for everything but not advised.
    Transfers are done like NEO and GAS but cost GAS. Instructions on the bottom
  • NEON = Unable to transfer RPX but can show your RPX balance.
    It can show your RPX in the participate in sale square → login → fill in the script hash from sale → reload balance
  • = The MyEtherWallet for NEO, easy and stable.
    Login with your private key (WIF), see your accurate funds and easily transfer.
    If you are missing funds vs Neo Gui RPX, or don’t know how to migrate from it scroll down for the explanation.


  1. Where is RPX listing

The first exchange will be KuCoin

2. When can I deposit and trade

Fill in your local town to convert to your time

  • An RPX deposit wallet is now available.
  • Trading is open

There is a RPX trading pairs for NEO, BTC and ETH

3. Staking RPX

The RedPulse platform will launch its beta in Q1 2018 and release in Q3 2018. When this happens approximately 10% new tokens will be minted every year. Half of these will go to people staking RPX the other half to market experts selling on the platform.

The RPX is minted in real-time and your share will depend on the amount kept on the Red Pulse platform per day for a month, RPX in exchanges or other wallets are not eligible.

You’ll be awarded your proportion of the newly minted RPX at the end of the month

4. What is KuCoin

KuCoin is a new exchange based in Hong Kong that came out on 15 September. They are considered to be a direct and upcoming competitor to Binance with a few added features and a very robust back-end .

KuCoin recently got added to and already ranks within the top 50 volume exchanges and growing. A similar position to binance several months ago. This deal is expected to accelerate their growth.

5. Why KuCoin

Red Pulse aims to be a bridge for investors from the west into the Chinese financial market. They already have a working machine learning product and existing customers including Bloomberg.

The move to the blockchain was to give individual market experts a platform to sell on. Most of these experts are expected to be Chinese and the goal is to attract more Chinese investors to the platform as well.

KuCoin allows RedPulse to target these people with a large percentage of Chinese users and a platform much alike to binance.

6. Any other exchanges

KuCoin is getting a headstart, other exchanges will follow at later dates.

7. I am missing RPX in vs Neo Gui RPX

If you have 2 public addresses in your database, most likely your extra RPX ended up in the address you did not import but was already there. To check its balance follow the instructions bellow. Effectively you now have 2 NEO wallets.

8. I want to move from Neo Gui RPX to

Same steps bellow as part 7

Please bookmark and stop following links on the internet, like MEW the danger is in phishing sites trying to imitate the website.

Bellow are the instruction per request of some users who really really wanted to keep using Neo Gui RPX instead of
Again this will cost you GAS and does not