ICO has been canceled

CryptoCopy ICO has started on 11th of November and after 10 days we got a huge support and really good feedback.

Due to the volatile markets and really negative atmosphere around the ICOs in general we decided to stop our ICO and return all funds back to investors.

We have realized that we can not ensure our token-holders the best possible outcome in these circumstances.

We decided to do that at this moment because ETH is reaching its maximum these days and that would be a good time for our investors to have their investment back. We would like to say one big THANK YOU to all of our investors who support us and trusted us in these times.

What is next?

We will continue to develop CryptoCopy platform and build a community around it. If we find in the near future a good opportunity to organize a new ICO (or Airdrop) we will announce that on our website. In that case, our early investors and bounty participants will have advantage over others who joined at that moment.

We would like again to thank everybody for their interest and support.

Best regards,

The CryptoCopy Team