Cities are going live!

Jul 13, 2018 · 2 min read

It took longer than expected, bus as the saying goes:

Good things come to those who waits.

Cities is the latest addition to the world of CryptoCountries. With the addition of cities, country owners are seeing real benefits of owning countries.

Cities will also allow new players and beginners to get into the world of blockchain gaming and CryptoCountries with a far lower threshold, while at the same time get to experience the fast-paced and exciting gameplay of trading collectibles.

So how do you find a city to buy?

Start by entering the Dapp and set the filter to cities. You will now be presented with all cities currently released. To drill down on all cities on a specific country, all you need to do is to click on that country on the world map and all cities will be presented below that country.

So how does the smart contract for cities look like?

Each city will increase in price with 20%. The difference is the revenue share model. The cut for each transaction is 6% whereof it is split 50/50 between dev and the country owner of where the city resides.

Here is the model and here is a link to the contract:

Let the games begin!

//CC Team


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A decentralized application built on the Ethereum network to simulate the real world where you can acquire, own and sell Countries and Cities.

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