Not a financial advisor, not financial advice, bla bla bla.

You know the drill.

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Over the years, I’ve become increasingly disgruntled with how traders (especially trading educators) speak of psychology in trading.

It has become something to simply pay lip service to, without offering anything substantively useful.

“Psychology is everything in trading.”

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As a quick aside, trading wisdom is generally quite useless until you can relate to it and internalise it via personal experience.

I briefly wrote about this idea in a tweet:

Out of all trading-related topics, trading psychology gets the shortest…

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I am not a financial advisor.

This article does not constitute financial, investment, legal , or any other regulated form of advice.

It is the lament of a socially decrepit 23-year-old writing nonsense on a Friday evening.

It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Article Premise

The aim of this piece is to explore the price action and broader context surrounding Bitcoin/Dollar before its correction from $9600s to mid-$8000s in two short days.

My technical view was that the mid-$9000 area was support and I was expecting strength.

I was wrong.

More importantly, I think there are many…

Introduction and Disclaimer

The aim of this article is to provide insights on how the daily chart can be used to derive a shorter-term or intraday directional bias.

This article will assume prior knowledge of what directional bias entails. Should you not have a clue, I strongly suggest you read my article on the topic before continuing with this one.

It can be found here.


I am not a financial advisor. This article contains no financial, investment, legal, or other regulated forms of advice.

It is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Trading is risky and you can lose all of…

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Please note:

I am not a financial advisor. I do not and will not offer financial advice. This article is strictly for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a regulated professional in your jurisdiction before putting any capital at risk.


Part 1: What Is Directional Bias?

Part 2: Constant vs Situational Directional Bias

Part 3: How Directional Bias Affects Trade Selection & Trade Management

Part 4: Tools for Directional Bias

Part 5: Conclusion

Part 1: What Is Directional Bias?

A directional bias is formed when a speculator has an explicit expectation of direction in a given market.

Directional bias can also be…


The aim of this article is to give you a rough idea of at least these three things:

  1. What a trading plan is
  2. Why a trading plan may be useful
  3. What a trading plan might look like

Trading Plan: What Is It?

A trading plan is an outline of how a trader will employ their trading system in the markets they trade over a given period of time.

Another way to think about it is the following: a trading plan is essentially the real-time application of one’s trading system.

Very simple example: Bob’s trading system tells him to sell rounded retests of broken, 3-touch…

The aim of this article is to outline the author’s view on what a trading system is and to guide novice traders towards systematising their approach to trading.

I will note from the outset that this is a very broad topic. Trading systems exist on a spectrum; from the rigid and automated to the loose and discretionary. This outline is by no means prescriptive.

The idea is to help novice traders be more organised in how they approach their trading and to set the framework for developing a set of rules or principles to guide them in this endeavour.


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All traders will have losing trades.

As you’ll know from my risk management video, one can still have a profitable trading career even if not every trade is a winner.

However, exacerbating the beating one’s account balance takes after a losing trade is a very easy thing to do.

I’ll share with you a list of some of the worst things to do after a losing trade.

These are mostly sourced from my trading journal and thus are based on real trading examples.

Thank you to DonAlt for the help.

Double Down

The moment you lose a trade and see…


This is a lot longer than I expected!

I’ll likely make it a 2/3-part series.

This first article mostly just identifies my trading teachers and talks about what I have picked up from each one.

I am going to try to make this a more free-flowing piece of prose compared to some of my more mechanical articles.

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My aims are as follows:

  1. Describe what I think mentorship is when it comes to trading and discuss whether it is a misnomer in my case.
  2. Identify my personal trading teachers (hint hint, it’s a misnomer).
  3. Discuss exactly what resonates with me…

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I have been delaying writing this article for some time now, simply because of the number of sub-arguments that arise when one tries to answer whether technical analysis works.

I am going to try to keep my arguments as simple and pertinent as possible. This article is primarily aimed at:

— Those who have heard the term technical analysis but do not know what it entails

— Those who are well aware of the practice but remain sceptical

It is at this point I should stress that by no means am I rehashing some orthodox doctrine on what technical analysis…

Nota bene:

This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor. I’m sure there’re plenty of licenced professionals in your jurisdiction. Speak to them, not strangers on the internet with Hyman Minsky avatars.

These are just my loosely-held, shittily-formed opinions.

Leveraged trading can exacerbate your losses.

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Nearly every day, whether on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord, I see traders struggling to understand how to calculate their position sizes and generally make sense of leveraged trading.

It can be confusing at first.

In this article, I’ll break the concepts down to first principles and give you a very…


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