Web 3 Simple Beginners Tutorial Video

This is a fantastic video about Web3 by Ray from CollabifyTV. He gives a simple explanation of what is web 3.0 and why it’s an important part of the decentralized web and blockchain technology.

Visit Collabify’s website here: https://collabifytv.com/

What is Web 3

Centralization has helped to connect millions of users to access the World Wide Web and created the solid, stable infrastructure it runs. In the same way some centralized entities hold sway over large areas of the World Wide Web, unilaterally making decisions about what should and should not be permitted.

Web3 is the solution to this issue. Instead of being a Web controlled by major technology firms, Web3 embraces decentralization and is being developed, operated and owned by the users. Web3 places power in the hands of people rather than large corporations. Before we get into the details of Web3 we’ll look at the path to get here.

More Info: What is Web3 and why is it important? | ethereum.org



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