TREZOR Wallet Supports SegWit on Litecoin!

So I received my Trezor out of the box, and updated my firmware to 1.4.2 as the prompted me. This went very smooth. After realizing this firmware did not support the ERC-20 tokens, and I was in the process of picking some up along with LTC, I stumbled on the Firware update 1.5.0. I have accessed the beta wallet (, and went through the instructions for updating the firware with the two buttons while plugging the device in. It does recognize and says it has a new firmware 1.4.2 to update. I go through the process just in case I am reading something wrong, and in fact I am left with firmware version 1.4.2. What am I missing, to cause this to not prompt for the 1.5.0 firmware update??

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