[OnceMore] Undiscovered Crystals Mining Campaign — 0.5ETH Bounty Reward

Jul 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Hi Everyone, Thanks to all of your efforts, all the crystals could be mined leaving the two — Emerald and BlackOpal.

As gratitude, we would like to return the favor in a form of a Campaign.

Undiscovered Crystal Mining Campaign

After more than 8000 mining, an illusively rare CryptoCrystal are still not yet found. We shall present the 0.25ETH as reward to the 1st person who found the illusive Emerald and BlakOpal.

Also you can check what crystal are rare in the page below.

So, what is Emerald and BlackOpal?

Emerald - Known as the “Stone of Wisdom” and highly prized by those in intellectual professions. They are so fragile that It is said that finding an unscathed emerald is harder than finding a flawless person.

BlackOpal-The most valuable of all Opals. Its color flickers magically as if it was a scene from a dream.


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