Undiscovered Crystals Mining Campaign — 0.5ETH Bounty Reward

Jun 26, 2018 · 1 min read

Hi Everyone, Thanks to all of your efforts, we have won a contest and received 0.5ETH reward from Dapp.com

As gratitude, we would like to return the favor in a form of a Campaign.

Undiscovered Crystal Mining Campaign

After more than 7000 mining, an illusively rare CryptoCrystal is still not yet found. We shall present the 0.5ETH as reward to the 1st person who found the illusive Hauynite.

So, what is a Hauynite?

Discovered by French mineralogist R.J.Hauy. They are extremely rare stone with very pure cobalt blue color. Their hardness index of 5.5 is relatively fragile.


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CryptoCrystal is a decentralized application hosted on the Ethereum. CryptoCrystals are sentient Shiny Crystals. https://cryptocrystal.io/