Hackathon at ETHBuenosAires + Updates

ETH Buenos Aires

It has been an amazing weekend at ETHBuenosAires, so fantastic. The organization, the speakers, the staff, the food, everything was awesome.

So many great people from the ETH community providing their experience . Everybody was open to share their knowledge. So fantastic!

The Hackathon was AWESOME!! Started on Friday at 8 pm and finished on Sunday at 10 am. We have been working so hard with the new idea (it was not fair to apply with Cryptocup) and we got rewarded as we were among the winners.


It was tough as we need to work with no stops for almost 25 hours. But, with hard work, good rewards come.

We BUIDL and PITCH a project called Token Toilet (lets you flush unwanted, garbage tokens down the drain and lets people buy grab bags of flushed tokens for 5 DAI which goes to charity)

Pitching when announced among the winners

Champions League Final

As we are working on a Football Dapp, we believe we can just add our small opinion about the match. And from our point of view, it was a perfect way to follow some players in order to make smart picks at Cryptocup.

The match was great. It was very unfortunate for Liverpool's goalkeeper the first goal from Benzema. I think that the unfortunate movement, made him loose the focus on the match and that is why he made the next mistake.


The World Cup is approaching, only 15 DAYS!!!!!!
Today, price raised to 0.075 ETH. Price will still increasing for the next 2 weeks. So play as soon as possible :)

We got a small issue in the morning (UTC-3) because Metamask was not updating the price, but it is already fixed.

The pot has overpassed the 16 ETH. Let's keep the run till 50 ETH!!!

Let’s BUIDL Tokens, Let’s PREDICT, Let’s PLAY