Superclásico — Cryptocup Special Edition

Nov 1, 2018 · 2 min read

As Argentinians, soccer gets to be the most significant topic among a sea of problems. We have been working hard on the NFL cup, which starts today, and also created a new exciting game mode based on user feedback (more info to come).

One of the most important matches in football history will take place in Buenos Aires in November (probably the 10th and 24th).

Boca-River or River-Boca, the Superclásico will be played one more time. This time the stakes are higher than ever before, they are playing in the Libertadores Cup Final, the biggest football cup this side of the Atlantic.

Bombonera Crowded

The atmosphere will be crazy, Argentinians live and breathe for their teams. It might be even more important than playing Germany on the World Cup Final.

Monumental Crowded

So, what is going on with Cryptocup?

We got inspired by this football fever and decided to seal this superfinal with a Special Superclásico Edition of Cryptocup! You will be able to play a Cryptocup cup built specially for this once in a lifetime derby.

Users will be able to predict the outcome of both matches (Libertadores Cup Final has two matches), yellow and red cards and the top scorer of both games.

We enjoy building games and are happy about the community built around our games, so…

It’s a fee free entry.

100% of the prizes will be distribute it among the winners.

Game has been released, just enter Cryptocup. Tickets are only 0.025 ETH and we are not taking any fee from the prize pool.

Let’s make history; let’s play the first Blockchain Superclásico and let’s enjoy the most beautiful derby on earth.

Check these amazing videos for some teasing…

We really can't wait to see this. This is just AWESOME!!!!


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