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In very simple terms, Cryptocurrency Market is a platform that aims to bring trust and transparency to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, a platform that ensures trust for both service provider and procurement buyer.

First of all we would like to thank our teeming community for supporting our project and promoting us thus far, but right now we would like to elaborate on the features of the Cryptocurrency Market and the master plan.

While blockchain enthusiasts are very busy trying to ensure adoption, some bad actors are hard at work scaring off newbies and making the space more unpredictable and…

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AMA with the Cryptocurrency Market team!

Time: 12:00PM GMT+1
Date: 9th Oct. 2020
Aim of the AMA: To help the community understand what the project is all about.

AMA process;
1. The group will be locked.
2. Anchor admin will introduce the Co founders that will handle the AMA.
3. Anchor admin will ask the Co founder a few questions (max 3).
4. The group will be open for community members to ask their questions.
5. After a few questions have been dropped then admin can close the group.

Join our Telegram group to participate.

Cryptocurrency Market

Bringing trust & transparency to the Blockchain & Cryptocurency Marketplace.

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