Raisex Top 5 exchange

The Crypto-splosion continues and the word around the blockchain is out. Every day it seems more and more folks are tuning in to the Crypto-phenomenon .

Which begs the question… where do I get Cryptocurrency?

Well since you asked… please allow us to present our top five Crypto-exchanges.


Coinbase is one of the biggest exchanges in the world. Set up in 2012 Coinbase is a wallet provider, exchange and toolkit for a number of Alt-coins. Rumour is rampant about the next coin Coinbase will add. The exchange is so influential that coins can rise and fall based on nothing more than this speculation. Despite being a large player Coinbase is considered a safe place to trade your coins although it recently admitted it would release info to the IRS and is therefore not one for tax sensitive traders.

As of today the 12th of November 2018 — Coinbase supports the following currencies.

BAT, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, ZRX and USDC.

Pros — Established in the field

Multi-functional (wallet provider/exchange/Tool-kit)

Con — Limited range of Altcoins

Potential target for hackers


Another favourite is newcomer Raisex. As the bigger exchanges pick up more and more traffic they tend to become more attractive to hackers. In our experience then the smaller exchanges are safer. They also have less to lose to international regulations and legislation changes like those which have plagued the big exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. Raisex, for example, is based in Malta and registered by MFSA the Maltese authorities.

But that’s not all we love about Raisex. Airdrops are few and far between these days (basically free money), but Raisex is putting their money where their mouth is. Yep, every new member sign up comes with a free (like actually free) 10000 satoshi BTC added straight to your buy coin list. Add to that one of biggest rosters of altcoins on the Market ( 100+ and by popular demand another 300 on the way) and you get one of the most exciting exchanges around.)

Pros — Under the radar for most serious hackers

Offers a wide variety of coins

Genuine ‘air-drop’ potential

Cons — less established than the others

Doesn’t support a few of the bigger coins like Bitcoin Cash

(Speaking of Airdrops you may still have time to get yourself a free wallet and $25 in Stellar Lumens from these good people https://support.blockchain.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001126692-Crypto-Giveaway)

3 Binance

Binance has been around since just 2017 and was originally based in China, but as mentioned above it nearly came crashing down when the Chinese authorities effectively outlawed all Cryptocurrency exchanges. Fortunately, the exchange survived and relocated to Japan where is it now regarded as one of the safest and cheapest exchanges around.

Binance now also has its own altcoin, which thanks to clever manipulation has risen to become one of the most important coins in the market.

Pros — Fast efficient service

Mobile-app friendly

Some ‘Air-drop’ potential (referral links, Binance coin deals)

Cons — Big target for Hackers

Known for technical glitches


Kraken is not only a firm fan favourite, it’s also possibly the world’s most trusted exchange. It holds deals with the Japanese Government, German banks and was the first ever exchange to feature on the Bloomberg terminal.

Pros — A trusted mega exchange which handles millions in transactions every day

Their support for the investigation in the Mt. Gox stolen Bitcoin is admirable

Lower fees than many of the other exchanges

Cons — For an industry leader, the lagggggg can be appalling

Little, if any, mobile support


Cex is an exchange and a cloud mining operation. The words Cloud Mining tend to send shivers up the spines of most crypto enthusiasts, thanks to the thousands of scams out there, but by all accounts CEX is legit. We won’t delve too deep into their mining operations as today we’re talking about exchanges. As an exchange, CEX performs well. It’s rather limited when it comes to choice, but then many smaller sites are.

Pros — Easy and varied payment methods including credit or debit cards

Under the radar of serious hackers

Reliable customer service (A rarity in the crypto world)

Cons — Limited choice of coins

It all looks a little too easy…