What is Cryptocurrencies.ai?

Mar 4 · 3 min read

Cryptocurrencies.ai is an advanced platform for crypto-traders. Our goal is provide to our users tools to reduce your pain, improve your UX and give the opportunity to resolve all your needs related to trading crypto within one platform.

On the platform you can do convenient things with human-based interface that aren’t available on the crypto exchanges today, but are so necessary for traders:

  • First of all you can create native account on our platform and be sure that your funds keep safe on our top-exchange partner.
  • Trade multiple accounts on one terminal and use Smart Orders to set both stop loss and take a profit and other advanced settings with few clicks.
Classic terminal
  • Smart order is an algorithm to make your manual trading easy and safe:
    set both stop loss and take a profit at one order with advanced settings like trailing, timeout or split profit targets.
  • Long & Short same asset or create separate long and short portfolios to manage your risk.
Smart order settings
  • Use trailing entry or trailing profit to follow the price until get most profitable price to open or close your position.
  • Track your trading results, analyze your history with our advanced transactions page.
  • See your profit & loss for all portfolios, any account, any asset and even an individual trade!
Your portfolio and P&L on one screen!
  • Rebalance your portfolio to distribute assets in a few clicks.
  • Create FuturesWars competition and earn with our referral program or just join existing competitions and win!
  • Connect your own bot to our API with opensource Python library and focus on your strategy, not on engineering. Improve your algorithm together with our smart trading features.


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Smart tools for calm trading and portfolio management. A single platform for all your spot and futures accounts to manage risk and grow your portfolio

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