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Bitcoin and Ethereum are definitely going to the moon but, with a 5-digit BTC and 4digit ETH right now it’s hard for smaller players to come in and scoop up the coins and benefit from the blast-off. However, there are still ways for crypto newbies to benefit from massive gains in crypto by looking for altcoin gems.

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There are hundreds upon hundreds of altcoins in the cryptocurrency market right…

DASH is moving forward with plans to drive cryptocurrency adoption through the launch of its retail savings application for Android and iOS devices. The application, dubbed DashDirect, will enable users to hold and spend their DASH coins in thousands of online and retail stores. By allowing DashDirect users to spend their crypto for daily spending, Dash determined that mainstream users will increase their enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies.


DashDirect users can get exclusive discounts on their everyday purchases by paying with DASH. The payment option is available at national chain shops, which include more than 125 online retailers and 155,000 in-store locations…

Mastercard has launched a new worldwide startup engagement program which aims to promote digital assets, blockchain, and cryptocurrency businesses. Dubbed “Start Path,” the program aims to aid in the expansion and adoption of blockchain technologies and make buying, spending, and holding cryptocurrencies and digital assets simpler and safer for both individuals and institutions. Specifically, Start Path will assist startups in speeding up their digital asset technology innovations.

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Each startup that is participating in the program will focus on creating solutions for industry-specific problems. The participants will leverage Mastercard’s expertise to help them grow and develop their solutions throughout the program…

India is officially one of the early adopters in using blockchain technology to implement an e-governance solution in higher education. The Government of Maharashtra, in particular, announced that it is cooperating with Indian blockchain company LegitDoc to build an Ethereum-based credentialing system. The system will reportedly address the growing problem of document forgery by providing tamper-proof diploma certificates to graduates.

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The Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD) is currently still processing verification requests using traditional manual methods. However, it will reportedly begin advocating digital verification by 2022. …

The Kazakhstan government reportedly intends to legally allow local banking institutions to provide services to firms and businesses that deal in cryptocurrencies through a pilot project. The project will enable several banks that join the program to offer bank accounts for cryptocurrency-related transactions. Exchanges and other businesses that offer crypto-related services may benefit from the project by signing up at the Astana International Financial Centre.

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Cryptocurrency trading is not yet permitted in the country, but the one-year pilot initiative aims to allow local crypto businesses to legally provide crypto investment services. It will also give investors the opportunity to safely…

Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) has announced that it has partnered with Animoca Brands, Coin98 Wallet, Crypto Art House, Gumi Cryptos Capital, and YGG to support blockchain game developers. The new partnership launched a joint accelerator program that will provide game developers with the tools, skills, and resources they need to develop and market decentralized games. Dubbed “HECO Gaming Accelerator,” the new program aims to support members through various stages of decentralized game development.

HECO and its partners will serve as the founding advisors for the program and the Accelerator will offer a variety of support from development to marketing stages…

Blockchain-based platform blockWRK has announced the launch of its application to over 150,000 U.S.-based users. The blockWRK platform aims to help companies manage daily, weekly, and monthly goals for each employee and compensate them for achieving set goals. The app is blockWRK’s response to the increase in remote working set-up due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The blockWRK app is a revolutionary management tool for businesses that uses blockchain technology to create company, group, and individual goals, as well as provide daily and weekly incentives. Workers who meet their objectives are paid in WRK tokens, which can be converted to US…

Australian buy now, pay later (BNPL) firm Zip Co Ltd is aiming to provide consumers with the opportunity to trade in cryptocurrencies. The news comes from co-founder Peter Gray who revealed that enabling crypto trading through Zip wallets is one of the most user-requested features. Gray didn’t elaborate on how crypto trading within the Zip application would work, but revealed that the featured would likely be offered within the next 12 months.

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With the BNPL sector attracting larger companies like PayPal, the company is attempting to close ranks with rivals who are expanding into additional countries and preparing new offers…

Binance Australia has partnered with cryptocurrency tax startup Koinly to help Aussie crypto holders properly report their crypto tax obligations. The exchange aims to help Aussies who have trouble with accurately reporting their tax liabilities due to their crypto holdings. The move is Binance’s response to the increased efforts that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is putting on crypto holders with undeclared crypto gains.

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“The ATO is collecting bulk records data from Australian crypto exchanges and comparing it to amounts entered on previous tax returns. …

An Indie mystery game from Cleardot Games titled Who Stole My Beard? will allow one lucky player to win an undisclosed amount of bitcoin. Players may try their hand at winning the hidden bitcoin by solving a mystery code in an in-game puzzle. The mystery code supposedly requires players to collect 12 scraps of paper with each containing a single word each, which make up the seed phrase for an Electum Wallet owned by the game developer.

Source: IndieNoNo | Twitter

Neil Collier, the game developer, confirmed the in-game puzzle and bitcoin prize for it on reddit, but didn’t disclose how much btc the…


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