Globalist War Against Nationalism

Crypto de' Medici
Apr 8 · 11 min read

The battle between globalism and nationalism continues to rage.

Globalism has the resources, planning and firepower to wage war.

Nationalism has the people, trend and ideology to wage war.

Globalism and nationalism is a fight between elites and masses.

Globalism is the belief of placing the interests of the world above those of individual nations.

Nationalism is the belief of placing the interests of individual nations above those of the world.

The fight between these two ideologies is being fought all over the world. The global power structure has been pushing globalism for decades in an attempt to create a New World Order. This New World Order is meant to bring all nations under a system of governance that benefits the power structure.

The European Union is a system of governance that the New World Order is attempting to bring globally. A bureaucracy of unelected officials that impose laws, regulations and belief systems onto member states. Member states are beholden to this system of governance which makes control more feasible.

This system of governance is an evolution of the liberal world order that the United States created after World War 2. The war left European countries in financial and social disarray, the need to have a great power bring peace and calm was necessary. The United States was able to impose on these countries the financial and military power to protect them from the power vacuum that was created. The power vacuum came from the Soviet Union and United States attempting to exert its ideology and power onto all of Europe and the world.

Eventually the United States won the “Cold War” and was able to firmly establish the liberal world order. This order paved the way for a transition period of peace and calm throughout Europe and the world. The overarching reasoning was that the United States could impose its financial, but most importantly its military power onto rebellious states.

The dominance of the United States attracted countries to move towards the U.S. sphere of influence and intimidated potential bad actors from rebelling.

This period of peace and stability brought on by United States dominance allowed countries to rebuild and focus on domestic development.

Germany, Japan, China, and many countries were able to focus their energy and resources on domestic and economic matters. The fear of an aggressive neighbor or looming war was soothed by American hegemony.

Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin

Soviet Union and China went from being close allies, adhering to the same communist ideology, to being in the brink of war. The threat of war between these two allies ended up pushing Mao Zedong to be open to building a relationship with the United States in order to stave off a potential Soviet Union invasion.

China’s move to begin a relationship with the United States, after decades of constant threats and ideological attacks from Mao and his party, was focused on pitting the Soviet Union and United States against each other and allowing China to benefit from it.

This allowed China to take advantage of U.S. protection to stave off a Soviet invasion and rebuild into the country that it is today.

China is an example of success within the liberal world order.

Mao Zedong and Richard Nixon

China went from detesting everything that the United States represented to cozying up to them and opening up to the Western World after decades of isolation.

The liberal world order is a hell of a drug.

The problem we face today is that the liberal world order is crumbling. The United States of America does not want to continue exerting its dominance preserving the liberal world order.

The government is beginning to lessen its role in the world and moving towards an isolationist stance.

America moving towards an isolationist stance is worrisome for the world order and specifically for the global elites that are fervent believers in globalism.

The worry has turned into panic.

“When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.”

Americans are becoming overwhelmingly against wars and international interventions.

The intervention in the Middle East has been a disaster that left Americans with a bad taste and further propelled the American psyche into the predicament that it currently resides in.

America is rapidly moving towards focusing on domestic issues which is the sneeze.

This sneeze is making the whole world catch a cold.

Refugee Migrant Crisis and Crumbling Liberal World Order

We saw Obama’s lack of involvement in Syria as a precursor to the refugee crisis that brought millions of illegal migrants to spill into Europe.

Europe, with it’s idealistic obsession, did little to slow the flow of migrants and worsened the domestic European situation.

Thousands of people were living in Calais, France waiting to enter Great Britain. Brexit??

A strengthened liberal world order would not have allowed millions of migrants to flow into Europe. Unfortunately the crumbling liberal world order was not able to act with force and Europe was forced to take action, but it didn’t take action.

By the time Europe took action on the refugee crisis it was too late. Millions had entered Europe and the idealism took over. This idealism made accommodations for these invaders and created the environment for the citizenry to begin rebelling.

We have already begun to see the ramifications of the refugee crisis and the rise of nationalism to counter the globalism that is widespread in Europe. This nationalism is in direct response to the disconnect between the political elite and the citizenry.

In this post I discuss the extent of idealism in Europe and the way it is destabilizing it.

The liberal world order allowed bad habits to become entrenched in societies. The peace and calm that American hegemony created put existing states in a position to take advantage and in turn develop in ways that reflected this hegemony.

The relationship of American hegemony to allied states is similar to one of a parent and their child. The child has been getting bullied at school. The parent obviously wants to intervene and stop the bullying. This forces the parent to be more actively involved in protecting her child and confronting the parents of the child that is doing the bullying. While doing this is great to stop the bullying, this is only a temporary solution to a problem that will continue to persist.

The parent is left with a difficult decision of wanting to intervene in the bullying while also wanting to let her child learn to defend himself. The first decision is easy and satisfied the protecting nature in the parent, the second decision is difficult and requires playing a different game. The parent ultimately wants nobody to bully her son and will do what she believes is best for that to happen. This decision is usually irrational and leads to doing the first decision, when in reality the second decision is probably best to do. The second decision focuses on giving the child the guidance, advice, and fortitude to properly deal and combat the bullying. This in turn will strengthen the child’s will power to combat future bullying. Therefore the child in the long run will be better off having the parent take the second decision as opposed to the first.

This is what has happened to Europe and many allied states under the liberal world order. The United States created a system that shielded many countries from getting bullied and attacked. This shield created opportunities to grow and thrive, but put the countries at a disadvantage by giving them a false sense of reality and obfuscating their priorities.

Instead of the European Union building strong military capabilities to counteract future Russian aggression as well as European instability it gave the responsibility to NATO and primarily U.S. military funding to provide the protection. This in turn made Europe comfortable and lose sight of the pressing issues that will become apparent once the liberal world order loses influence.

The child that was getting bullied got a temporary break from the bullying by his parent, but nothing concrete was built from the experience nor any progress was made on how to deal with future bullying.

Nationalist Fueled Destabilization

As the liberal world order begins to crumble we are seeing an ideological fight between globalism and nationalism.

Globalism is the existing elites of the liberal world order and major beneficiary of the system. Globalism seeks to be the evolution of the liberal world order. Instead of allowing American hegemony to preserve and manage the liberal world order, there needs to be a larger overarching system that integrates America while lessening its dominance. A system like United Nations is what this new globalist world order is trying to create.

Nationalism is the masses wanting to preserve their culture and customs against the attacks and infringement from globalists.

Globalist policies have brought about talk of open borders, mass immigration, high regulation, and more federal control over citizens.

The policies brought about by a globalist view of the world has created the environment for nationalism to blossom.

Citizens from all over the world are becoming threatened by a globalist stance that seems to benefit others and not their own. The elites within their own country are pushing the globalist viewpoints and the disconnect from the wealthy and poor is making the situation worse.

Humans Are Tribal

Humans are tribal by nature. They want to be members of tribes and get their sense of safety from tribal association. These tribes fight back when there are perceived outsiders that don’t respect and pose a threat to their tribe. These tribes come closer together and entrench their ranks when there are perceived threats.

There are two key methods of conduct amongst human tribes that explain what is happening between nationalism and globalism.

Threat to the tribe and Strengthening of the tribe

Threat to the Tribe

Globalist policies and beliefs are becoming more apparent in everyday society and individuals are feeling the impacts of these beliefs. In the past globalist viewpoints could be ignored and was not apparent enough to fall into the radar of individuals. As these viewpoints become more dominant in society, the tribe begins to perceive these changes and adjust accordingly.

These changes pushed by globalism are being perceived as threats to the tribes, especially the tribes that are dominant in the society being exposed to globalism. These threats awaken the public and the pushback begins to occur.

Belief system such as open borders begins to become a threat to the tribe when there are physical examples of rampant immigration and only needs a few thematic pushes into the psyche of these tribes to set off their alarms. (Refugee/Illegal Immigrant crime, state benefitting non-native people, change of local culture, customs changing)

As globalism continues to push its ideology the threat towards these tribes becomes increasingly more realistic and the tribe begins to organize.

Strengthening of the Tribe

This is where the strengthening of the tribe begins. The tribe focuses on protecting its tribe and those that are members of it. It begins to attack those perceived to be a threat or not a member of the tribe.

We are beginning to see the rise of white nationalism, men’s rights movement, and many other fringe groups begin to receive attention because of the need for tribes to strengthen.

The external stresses and conflicts coming from globalist policies have begun to strengthen the tribes that were, in the past, weak.

This threat to the tribe and strengthening of the tribe is fueling the Nationalism we are seeing in the international stage.

Fundamental fight between Globalism and Nationalism.

The more globalist push their ideology and agenda onto the masses the more nationalism will rise in acceptance and dominance.

America Embracing Isolationism and Nationalism

America is moving towards an isolationist stance in the world stage. It is moving from extreme involvement in international affairs to an outsiders view.

This is nothing new in the history of the United States. In both World Wars the United States stayed on the sidelines for a long time and their isolationism was only broken when they were attacked for their neutrality.

The American citizenry has always been reluctant to get involved in global conflicts and only in the recent decades has it took the mantle of leading the world and flexing its global hegemony.

Robert Kagan perfectly summarizes American foreign policy in The World America Made..

“Americans, in foreign policy, are torn to the point of schizophrenia. They are reluctant, then aggressive; asleep at the switch, then quick on the trigger; indifferent, then obsessed, then indifferent again. They act out of a sense of responsibility and then resent and fear the burden of responsibility they have taken on themselves. Their effect on the world, not surprisingly, is often the opposite of what they intend. Americans say they want stability in the international system, but they are often the greatest disrupters of stability. They extol the virtues of international laws and institutions but then violate and ignore them with barley a second thought. They are revolutionary power but think they are a status quo power. They want to be left alone but can’t seem to leave anyone else alone. They are continually surprising the world with their behavior, but not nearly as much as they are continually surprising themselves.”

American involvement in the world is decreasing and causing great disruption in the stability of the international system. The schizophrenia of America is bringing them back into their base within the safety of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans while the world figures out how to adapt to the new realities.

This is further exemplified in America’s recent push into Venezuela. Manifest Destiny is coming back with a vengeance. As America retreats, it will expand and solidify its influence in the American hemisphere.

Destiny to expand across North America

The election of Donald Trump showcased the massive turn towards nationalism that the United States is experiencing and the wave of nationalism that is spreading throughout the world.

The entrenched system of globalist elites are doing what they can to offset this shift in ideology, but are failing miserably.

Democrats looking like the party of the rich. Deny Bernie Sanders run again.

Michael Bloomberg is preparing on spending more than $500 million to stop Trump from getting election for a second term. Sounds like a worried elite.

Globalists attempted to turn America into an open border haven and the citizenry is rebelling. The rebellion has caused presidents to be more conservative in their international involvement and focus primarily on internal domestic issues.

Make America Great Again and Trump’s foreign policy theme is to focus on maximizing the benefit of the United States gains in the world stage, while focusing on domestic issues. This is further alienating the allies that see the United States as their protector and making them have to pay tribute to American hegemony with hopes that isolationism doesn’t completely take root.

Yet the globalists continue to push onto the citizenry the ideas of globalism.

Expect Nationalism to continue rising.

America moving towards isolationism.

Europe experience political and domestic instability.

Globalists the trend is against you. What will you do?

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