There are several paths to earning money with cryptocurrencies and trading is one of them. Trading is especially interesting to so many people looking to earn more because if done right, it is the most lucrative.

Emphasis is on the “if done right” part. The fact that everyone learns about trading early on is that it’s really difficult.

Not just difficult — like learning a new skill. It’s difficult on so many levels, and one of those may include significantly raising your stress level.

However, the market is aware of this, and there are tools to minimize your stress and losses while learning to trade. Some of the tools, like trading bots, lower the learning part, and put you in the back seat. Other tools, such as social trading, provide an interactive learning experience and leave you enriched by higher trading skills. …

It is strange to trade something that doesn’t exist in a material world. And not only trade, but also pay for services and goods.

Exactly because it feels weird and because it’s difficult to understand, you may hear claims such as:

- It’s an asset that creates nothing! (Warren Buffett on CNBC)
- It’s a scam!
- It will crash down and you will lose your money!

One of those three claims is completely true. Let’s see which one!

  1. “Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing” (Warren Buffett, in an interview on CNBC.

This one is only partially true. Just like gold, says Buffett, Bitcoin creates nothing. …

So, why should you? If you have a good trading strategy, you can just trade by yourself and earn money, right?

Yes, you could earn with your trading, but you are simply not making use of the full potential of your trades that way.

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If you are concerned about your followers having an impact on the market, thus messing with your Binance trading strategy — don’t be. Simply put — the market is huge, and the only competitors that you should be worried about are the market makers, which have entirely different strategies when it comes to trying to take your money. …

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By Crypto Denada on Altcoin Academy

To many, cryptography and blockchain (explained further down in the text) are often something mysterious, cryptic (pun intended!).

But that’s just the technology part — things start to get really tricky when you add economy into the equation.

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So if you are planning on investing in it, there actually is a reason to be afraid of the complexity of the blockchain world. This won’t be an ordinary glossary nor an ordinary post, it will be sorted by meaning rather than alphabetically. Still searchable if you hit “CTRL + F” though, so the order shouldn’t be a problem!

Bitcoin (BTC) — first cryptocurrency, created in 2009. The creator of Bitcoin is still anonymous, going by the name (pseudonym) of Satoshi Nakamoto. …

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Joe Kennedy was a popular stock market maverick in the early 1920s. He famously pulled the metaphorical fat of his stock out of the market mere days before the 1929 crash. How did he know to do this? He got market tips from, wait for it … a shoeshine boy. Yes, seriously.

Now, imagine what would have happened if he didn’t get the right tips, from the right person, at the right time. Yeah, we probably would have never had JFK, or any of his siblings for that matter.

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The trading market is usually an unforgiving landscape. It works based on knowledge and instincts. You don’t know what you don’t know and not knowing in this market can lose you good money. …


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