CryptoDezireCash (CDZC) Weekly Newsletter — Week 9

We have got another amazing week behind us.Our discord community just surpassed 2800 members.

The recruitment process is still ongoing with some refinements in order to spread the country ambassadors as wide as possible.

We further did a first step towards large scale marketing and got the promotional package from

We are delighted about the release of our mobile wallet which is available now on the google play store and on our homepage.

Managing your CDZC just got a lot more convenient.

The wallet offers basic CDZC operations as well as QR integration. Here the link to google’s play store:

We got added on Bituniverse Link, an outo-portfolio and trading platform. That listing brought us to about one million potential new users. Big shoutout to the guys over at BitUniverse Link:

We also got listed on XORN, a decentralized exchange with focus on convenience while handling masternode rewards. We are proud to be available there. A link to the trading pair can be found here:

CDZC got listed on a multi-os cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool. They are featuring a broad variety of cryptocurrencies and exchanges as well as a personalized crypto news feed.

Look up our stats at:

Over the week our blockchain passed 200.000 blocks and entered the next phase in the reward structure. As some minor hiccups appeared in displaying the rewards in the wallet, the team is working on an update to fix this.

So stayed tuned for that!

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