✔️To make the CDC become more familiar to many people. CDC will provide a reward program.
Every person who replaces your Facebook profile picture and your telegram with the CDC LOGO for a week in a row will get 25000 CDC on the seventh day.
All of them will be selected manually

After you have installed the CDC logo on your Facebook profile and your telegram account, please send proof of the link to the Admin @Lovely_CDC.

“You must replace your Facebook profile picture and your telegram with the CDC LOGO to get 25000 CDC reward” 👍

Your Facebook requirements must have a minimum of 500 friends. The program starts from now on September 11th

✔️For CDC bonus payments, please contact admin after 7 days.Please claim your reward after 1 week to admin
thank you 👍

GO..GO.. BUY .. BUY CDC Before BIG BONUS is closed.
Only 10 ETH left the ICO will be closed.

☑️BUY CDC and get bonus of 100% -250% until the limit of 15 ETH is reached.
The following is a limited bonus program detail (so that 15 ETH is met):
✔️Buy min 0.01 ETH — 0.1 ETH + get 100% CDC prize.
✔️Buy min 0.2 ETH — 0.5 ETH + get 150% CDC prize.
✔️Buy min 0.6 ETH — 0.9 ETH + get 200% prize
✔️Buy min 1 ETH or more + get 250% CDC prize

Buy CDC send to smartcontract : 0x3c4432278fc4d6b23112393CD80D82Edc8F24e39
SET GWAI: 5–65 Wai

✔️The program is valid starting on 5 September
The bonus program is only valid until the 15 ETH target is reached.
✔️Announcement for all CDC Community😊
✔️Round 2 of the ICO Price of 1 CDC = 0.00000033 ETH is equivalent to 1 ETH = 3 million CDC ( 3000 000 CDC)
✔️CDC ICO ends on 30 September 2018
✔️The CDC will list in Mercatox mid-September between 15–20 on September

✔️The “BIG REWARD 100 HOLDER” program was forced to be extended. This was because the CDC HOLDER was insufficient according to the target we set.
The HOLDER program is extended to September 20 and distributed ten days after the program ends, September 30.

✔️Event 100 HOLDERS with a total prize of 100 million CDC
✔️The requirement is the minimum hold of the total purchase of 1000000 CDC.
1st get 15M CDC.
2nd get 10M CDC.
3rd get 7M CDC.
4th get 5M CDC.
5th get 3M CDC.
rank 6–10 CDC get 2M.
rank 11–25 1M CDC earned.
rank 26–50 get 500k CDC.
rank 51–75 get 300k CDC.
rank 76–100 get 150k CDC.

The Bonus HOLDER program only applies to CDC holders through purchases with a minimum purchase of 1M CDC.
For accounts that do not make purchases with a minimum of 1M CDC do not count into the “BIG REWARD 100 HOLDER” program
To avoid cheating, checking is done manually by the team.

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