The World Currency Part KG: Draining the Infected Swamp

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For those who have not read the first part of the investigation, I invite you to do so at the following Link

The basis of the second part will be the cover of The Economist Magazine and its article “A DANGEROUS GAP” with the bases of our first article we will articulate both and resolve the Puzzle.

So let’s review the bases of our first investigation:

On the Full Moon the words USY URZ or also USI URZ were inscribed, in the language Euskera / Basque which is the base of the European languages ​​there is no consonant Y and therefore we use both the consonant and the Vowel i.

USI = Forest, Inflammation and Infection

URZ = liquid, swamp and laughed.


So let’s go to the PUZZLE:

K = Hitting in a hole, BEat

G = Hollow

Starts May 9, 2020 at the Full Moon

Number 9 = End of a cycle, alchemy Example 9 months of pregnancy, 360 days in a year etc.

Number 1 = Start of a new cycle.

V = Vortex = The vertex is used to transmute an element, a sound, an image, a symbol etc from one state to another.

An example would be: Bill is a Villain-eVil but he named himslelf with a B so he makes look BEnevolent . He just transmute VILL into BILL

USI URZ = Liquidity is inflamed, The Swamp is Infected.

BEAR = The bear comes out of the Forest with his Coin Hitting the ground with Coin 1 (World).

Solving the PUZZLE WE HAVE:

The liquidity is Inflamed, THE BEAR that is a BEATER comes out of his Forest on the Full Moon of May 7th and observes how his forest is full of Infected Swamp. The BEAR begins to take action ending May 9 Hitting the Ground It uses its COIN ONE and generates a HOLLOW through which all the infected swamp and liquidity from Wall Street Drains towards VORTEX V, which regenerates and transmutes into the Earth bringing new Liquidity, The New System with a new FOREST, trees and fluid rivers.

It should be noted that the BEARS are very territorial and severely defend their own territory, so not everyone will have access to their new Forest.
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May the light of your Rebel Spirit prevail especially in these moments when humanity is submerged in doubt, fear and submission.

“By directing force (a) according to Natural Law (e), we will be able to penetrate Time (i) through space (0-U)”

Imanol MujikaBy