Pay 3 get 4!

Yes, we decided to bring back our legendary discount promo!

Do you feel the same? It really feels like we’re close to a nice run in altcoins. We already noticed (and profited) some nice runs but think there’s much more ahead. More and more people start to belief, the bottom is in for Bitcoin….

Is it? We’re not out of the woods yet.

Join our Market Watch and learn from seasoned traders what to look for, get trained in setting up your own charts, get financial advice from our accountant or learn everything you always wanted…

Recurring Payments

We are really proud of having achieved a cooperation with Payment Processor Mollie to offer our customers fully automated Recurring Payments (per bank or Credit Card).

Outside of the small crypto scene, many people are still very sceptical about Cryptocurrencies. Especially (national) banks, politicians, captains of industry but also average Joe…. When you run a company active in the world of Crypto, you face a lot of obstacles….No matter what kind of service you offer. …

Trading Horizontals is the holy grail?

Being in Crypto for almost 5 years and a bit longer in trading, I’ve seen and tried all kinds of Technical Analysis, but it really amazes me how popular it is nowadays to trade 1 of the oldest strategies: Support and Resistance levels.

Okay, some gave it a more modern title like Price Action Trading. Naked Charting or whatever sounds interesting. But, come on…… draw some horizontal lines and it should be the holy grail?

“Go long above resistance, go short below support”

That’s it? Watch a few YouTube videos and you can talk…

Our Trading System

After getting several questions about our Trading Style, I thought it may be a good idea to explain a bit about the charts we post on @cryptotanl1

As you might know, we are running a Trading Group where we offer a lot of services: ICO research and Pooling, FA research, hidden gems research, tax advisory, teaching TA and we trade together with our members. Every day we cover about 50 “most wanted” coins and update their progress by charting them. If we see interesting short term setups, we post them and trade some of them together with…

Paid Groups in Crypto, love them or hate them.

Paid groups are always a point of discussion in the Crypto Scene.

You like them, you accept them or you just hate them. It’s remarkable there are so many haters. As founder of Crypto-TA I have experienced a lot of haters who simply hate every paid group, without knowing what a certain group offers. The moment I started Crypto-TA, I knew there would be people judging me as a scammer, no matter what we offer.

I always ask these kind of people if they also hate their kid’s teacher, or the…

The line you shouldn’t cross.

Let’s go back to Summer 2017….

I was trading Crypto and Forex for a couple of years, doing pretty well but I had to pay an enormous amount of money after fighting with tax authorities for 6–7 years. I gave up fighting the day after my mother passed away, accepting that I would be poor for the coming years.

In her last seconds, I promised her that I was ready to fight back and she shouldn’t worry about me while watching me from above.

I was broke, totally broke. I knew that I wouldn’t be…


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