Jan 30, 2019 · 4 min read

Recurring Payments

We are really proud of having achieved a cooperation with Payment Processor Mollie to offer our customers fully automated Recurring Payments (per bank or Credit Card).

Outside of the small crypto scene, many people are still very sceptical about Cryptocurrencies. Especially (national) banks, politicians, captains of industry but also average Joe…. When you run a company active in the world of Crypto, you face a lot of obstacles….No matter what kind of service you offer. Banks reject you as customer, Social Media Platforms reject you as advertisor and Payment Processors are very hesitant to accept your company for automated payments per bank (“BTC is terrorism and fraudulent white washing”).

Credit Card services and PayPal are a bit less strict but we wanted payment per bank and offer customers flexible prices with mutual securities. Until now, we worked with “payment in advance”. Not because we wanted to be sure about the payment, but because it’s undoable to manage these monthly payments by yourself when offering different plans/discounts and a variety of payment options. Crypto-TA is an exclusive service with limited spots available but even with our member count (max 150), it would be a full time job to manage all monthly payments.

After receiving numerous requests from members and potential members for monthly payments, we started to investigate. We negotiated with several Payments Processors. One immediately refused when hearing the word “crypto”! Others were more open and investigated our company and acknowledged the fact we don’t offer Crypto Trading or a Signal Service but see us as a Training Institute. Next stage in the process was an intensive investigation of our company, handing over all kinds of documents, company structure, financial history, personal history, checking our webinars and many more (about 50 pages).

The acceptance of Crypto-TA is a major achievement for us! It again proofs that we are running a professional company, following all applicable laws and not being classified as just some “paid group”.

How does it work?

Recurring payments mean, you can buy our services for a certain period (3, 6, 12 months) and the longer the period, the more discount is applicable. Payments are just like your subscription for your Gym, Netflix or Spotify: our Payment Processor collects the fees on a monthly base.

After picking a plan on our website

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You select the Payment method for your first payment.

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Your first manual payment is your mandate, allowing us to collect the remaining periods.

These first payments can be executed with:



· Bancontact

· Giropay


· Belfius

· ING Homepay


· Credit Cards

With these “SEPA” bank systems, we cover 34 countries. Rest of the world is covered by Credit Card. Other countries or payment options (like Crypto) are unfortunately not yet available for recurring payments.

Once your first payment is confirmed you will receive an order confirmation with payment schedule and further information/invite for our Trading Group.

Remaining payments will be collected automatically every month until end of your contract.

Upfront every payment, you will receive an Email alert that a payment is due and collected in 2 days. If a payment fails, 2 new attempts will be executed before we close your account. Successful payments will be confirmed also.

Upfront your contract ends, we will send a new alert.

Use discount code 10-signup for 10% discount on your first payment (valid till 10–02–2019)

For this unique service we are cooperating with Mollie Payments A very reputable Payment Processor, ensuring fast transactions with highest security standards.

Payments in Crypto Currencies is still available but unfortunately only as payment in advance. Paying in advance gives you more discount on the other hand.

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Pick your plan, join our community, learn and pay monthly!

If you would like to receive more info about our Trading Group (for example how to book your membership as a Training Course for your tax returns), please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Wishing you all happy trading!



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