How to play CryptoFeather (Quick guide)

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ⅰ) What is CryptoFeather??

CreptoFeather is an Ethereum Blockchain Dapps game.
You can play lots of elements such as trading, equipment, customisable your character, hunting, battle, attractive item collection, with legendary ROC birds. Also, your ROCS and equipments are your property. The security of your property is preserved through block chain technology.

ⅱ) Quick guide

(1) Spin! Spin! Get new Roc bird!

Let’s get one of your roc . You can get it in Get New Page or Roc Market.

Until the beta release, The first spin you play is FREE!

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If you do not have a roc bird, you can play free! Enjoy!

(2) Go! Go!! Hunthig

After you get a favorite roc bird, let’s go hunting in the Island.

One hunting = 0.005eth.

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The hunt image is of alpha version.

Roc birds can get rewards by going to Hunt. Let equip the accessory equipment to change the costume or let unnecessary equipment be sold in the market.

【Hunt Reward】

● Roc status up

● Equipment

● Battle cards (under development)

(3) Let’s! Dress change time

If roc equiped equipment, roc’s costume is changes. Also look cute, please combine strong equipment to add status.

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(4) Battle! Battle! Battle!

Boss Battle, Feather Battle, Team Battle …

The invader who attacks the Roc’s isand. It is the pride of all roc birds to face it and become the strongest warrior to protect the beautiful island. Please get for the strongest warrior with a feather battle and team battle.

(※Feather Battle is under development.)

ⅲ) Summary

STEP1:Get Charming Roc birds! Types of Roc birds here

STEP2:Let Roc go hunting and get rare equipment

STEP3:Let Roc be equipped and win the battle

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Hunting,chenge equip costume,hunting,battle,with legendary ROC bird. ハント・バトル・お着替えするロック鳥のDappsゲーム「クリプトフェザー」

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