[English] How to stake WAN with WAN Desktop Light Wallet

Crypto Fennec
Aug 20 · 4 min read


  1. Download WAN Desktop Light Wallet (or HD Wallet) at
    and then choose at Desktop Light. (Windows , Mac or Linux)
You can stake with Desktop Light only. The Desktop version can’t stake

2. Minimum 100 WANs. (Please has a little 0.1–0.2 WANs for gas fees)

3. We recommend the Ledger Nano S for better security of you assets. (Optional)

Step to Staking / Delegation WANs

  1. Install a wallet and prepare an initial phase of generating seed phase (Don’t forget to write down a “Seed Phase” and keep it in the safe place), create your wallet password.
  2. Open your wallet with your password.
  3. If you use a Ledger Nano S to keep your WANs. You need to connect a Wallet to your Ledger by steps following

4. It’s time to stake! Please select a menu Delegation under Galaxy POS.

5. Select on New Delegation.

6. It will popup a delegation setting with below details.

6.1 Name — This is a Name / Address of Validators you can choose any validator as you want. After selected, quota and fee will display.

ADS: Please support us by Stake with “CryptoFennec”. We have a low delegation fee (8% right now) and max fee at 8%. You can certain that the fee will not exceed 8%.

Our official website: https://www.cryptofennec.com/
Validator Name: CryptoFennec
Validator Address:
Wan Explorer: https://www.wanscan.org/vld/0x2a2fee5d3aefdcddd8247e3ea094a591323f3879

6.2 Address — Address of Validator.

6.3 Quota — The remaining of WAN of Validator can be staked.

6.4 Max Fee (%) — The Maximum Fee of Validator can set. This one can make you sure about Validator will not change a Fee immediately without a limit.

6.5 Fee (%) is a current reward fee. Assume that current fee is 8% and you get 100 WANs as a reward. System will deduct 8% of your reward for Validator automatically. (8 WANs in this case and 92 WANs for you)

6.6 After you selected a Validator. In the bottom section (My Account), Select your address that you use for Staking. If you connected with Ledger Nano S. It will show a Connected Ledger Address from Step 3.

6.7 Balance — is current WANs you have.

6.8 Amount — Input an amount as you want to take and the minimum are 100 WANs or more. (You need a little WAN for gas fee — 0.1 to 0.2 Wan is fine). Click on “Next” botton then popup a confirmation window. You can click on “Send” button when you confirmed. (If you use a Ledger. you must confirm in Ledger to process a transaction)

6.9 Wait until a status change to “Success”


  • You can a more stake or exit your stake at “Top-up and Exit” buttons
  • You can check your delegation reward at the top of Delegation menu and can describes as below:

My Stake — Your total staked WANs in every Validators.

My Reward — Your total reward since the first staked.

Avg Network Reward — The average/prediction of annual reward percentage in the network.

Pending Withdrawal — If you exit or reduce your stake. It will show in here. Normally, it will take 3–4 Days to complete this task.

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