Securities, currencies, Howey compliant projects, de-listings, and the SEC have all been hot topics since mid-2017 when governments had finally set their sights on regulating the cryptocurrency market. Since then possible regulation has changed how exchanges & projects have worked together and have become a very important aspect to consider when working on a new project. Fortunately, the contributors(team) to Piratechain had considered these new crypto-currency rites of passage and have already progressed in ‘maturity’ milestones to meet some regulatory standards. …

Updates for Ubuntu, OSX, and Windows.

Testers and Developers have been busy chasing down some big bad bugs over last week and have released new bundle packages for everyone! This includes OSX and Windows. If help is needed join us in #cc-rogue in discord. This is putting us closer to another bounty campaign so give yourself an edge and come test with us!

Updated Rogue Bundles

Changes since 0.3.0:

  • Fixes in ROGUE RPC:
    fix for small gold reward (<10000 sat) games
    fix negative vout3 (change calc fixes?)
  • TUI waiting for bailout to be mined now (should help to track when…

Hello everyone, I hope you all have had an excellent week. It was a slow week for Rogue so today I would like to share with you some new developments within the Komodo eco-system for gaming.

Unity Plugin for Komodo Daemon

Pictured here is an image of an independent Unity RPC client for Komodo, it is C# coding language that works with the Unity 3D Game Engine and a developer library to interact with the Komodo Daemon RPC API. What does that mean in non-dev, you ask? It demonstrates that the Unity 3D engine can work with Komodo platforms blockchains easily. …

Weekly: Contest, Bounties, testing, and constant bug squashing.

This week we concluded our Grind for Gold contest, ran a quick bounty and had s community member venture deep into the game. There was much more action seen in our Komodo discord channels this past week as new people entered to test and play Crypto Rogue for a chance at a 777 KMD prize. Solid dedication to gameplay and diligence through all of the updates and bug fixes seemed to pay off for community member Ronyi, who won by acquiring the most ROGUE via gameplay functions. Ronyi stood unchallenged with 200+…

Join me as I recant the tale of bringing a classic game legacy together with blockchain technology.

Rogue: Exploring the Dungeons of Doom, is a genre-defining game that was created 39 years ago for UNIX by Michael Toy, Glen R. Wichman and Glen Arnold. Rogue is an ASCII (text-based) top-down dungeon crawler RPG with randomly generated levels for each new game you play. Rogue is small in package size and has been ported to several platforms over the years with many feature variations within the game itself or creative platform editions such as the TI-89 Graphing Calculator version aptly named…

We would like to kick off some testing of our blockchain version of Rogue with a contest!

We’ve begun a campaign to raise funds and move Pirate farther forward.

Current progress as of January 6th 10pm EST

Ahoy Pirate Community!

Once again, the time has come to call for all hands on deck! We’re looking to raise coin for *new exchange* listings. Starting with a * top 100* exchange with just over $6.5 Million daily adjusted USD volume.

That exchange is Mercatox and is currently #68 on CMC
The listing fee is 3.0 BTC for the BTC trading pair,
3.5 BTC for BTC.+ ETH trading pairs.

There is currently 0.75 in hand to go toward the listing from the previous fundraising for Crex24. …

White paper release, contests, sapling, roadmap, merch and this week's articles.

The Pirate Code (White Paper) Release

The official whitepaper is now available to download, read, memorize and recant to all those around you! Special thanks to Flex for putting in so much time, effort and heart to this thing, it has been a pleasure watching him put it together!

New Discord Server + Invite Contest

We have a brand new discord server (while still retaining channels at the Komodo Discord, our first home.) We are having an invite contest to help bring more people on board! Details in the image below.

This is NOT my invite link, I ask that…

Here’s an article just released by Verus that we would like our community to dive into. Please follow them if you have not already!

One of the best parts of Pirate being an asset-chain on Komodo is the camaraderie and collaboration that comes from being a part of the community. Opportunities present themselves daily to work together and make the best projects we possibly can.

What Open Source and Collaboration Means to Verus and How Verus is Giving Back Upstream to the Komodo Ecosystem

Before developing and releasing Verus, one of the most important decisions to make was a path towards building a blockchain capable of delivering on the Verus vision. …

Treasure Image courtesy of Adobe stock

Ahoy! In an attempt to spread the hash between all possible pools, we are hosting a fun mining contest.

Main prize: 10 Small Merch packs(shirt and surprises) and 50 ARRR (more if there are donations, see below)

Grand Prize: 1 Treasure Chest of a Small merch pack, hooded sweatshirt, pirate hat and 500 ARRR (more if there are donations, see below)

  • Each week for the next 2 weeks, each pirate mining pool will have one address selected as a winner.
  • Weekly winners will receive the main prize.
  • On the 2nd week, a winner will be selected from all previous winners…

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