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Apr 3, 2018 · 3 min read

As you know, “Content is king”. We are of course fully aware of this.

On the CryptoFlix Platform there will be two forms of content: free educational content and paid content in the form of Movies and TV series.

We intend to access the free educational content from three sources:

  1. University Partnership initiative

We have developed and started the CryptoFlix University Partnership Initiative. The idea with this initiative is to engage with hundreds or likely thousands of universities around the world who are already producing educational content in the form of short films and documentaries, but in the future, they could also be filming classes and sharing books and materials for distribution.

We have already taken a huge leap in the right direction when we agreed the first partnership with The University of Morelia, Mexico. They have agreed to initially share their educational content, some of which will be uploaded on the CryptoFlix demo platform soon. Have a look here.

We look forward to exploring this partnership as well as to develop many more partnerships in the future.

2. Public TV Stations

Over the years, public TV stations around the world have hundreds of thousand hours of taxpayer funded educational TV and films. Most of this content is inactive and just sitting on a shelf or a server somewhere in a basement.

Imagine how much of a difference we can do for children in the under developed world with hearing problems or without access to proper schools if we can assemble a library of sign language films and TV for them to explore and learn from.

We will approach the TV stations directly or through the CryptoFlix Charitable Trust.

3. The CryptoFlix Charitable Trust

Through the establishment of a charitable trust and by appointing CryptoFlix celebrity ambassadors, we will be able to accept educational content as well as financial contributions from donors.

Donors will be able to maximize their tax deductions by contributing content and/or cash.

In turn the Charitable Trust will be able to make the donated content available for free on the CryptoFlix Platform but it will also be able to contribute financially towards the production of exclusive content for the Platform.

The paid content on the CryptoFlix Platform will come from content libraries as well as independent and studio production companies.

One of our main priorities for the CryptoFlix Platform is to provide the best selection of local content in the markets where we are present. In fact, 60% of the world’s content is produced in the developing countries.

Therefore, we will work closely with locals to identify libraries of content as well as access new releases.

We have already begun contacting content libraries and we are being contacted by local content owners with the intent of making their Movies and TV content available on the CryptoFlix Platform.

Finally, the films that will be financed by the CryptoFlix Film Market Place, will be made available on the Platform.

So, all in all, we have already taken giant steps towards securing content for the CryptoFlix Platform. Content is king — and CryptoFlix will deliver content — both local and international.

Stay tuned and take care, Christian


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