What Makes CryptoFlix Unique

  1. CryptoFlix is not going to be an adult movie streaming platform.
  2. We are NOT going to be streaming illegal pirated movies and/or TV series.
  3. We are indeed aiming at getting the latest movies and TV shows on the platform as soon as possible after their release — the content owners will be interested in accessing the developing countries through a secure streaming platform — also to combat piracy.
  4. We are film makers so yes we do have plans to produce content for the platform, but first we want to get the streaming platform and the Film Market Place up and running.
  5. There are several reasons why we are blockchain based. The White Paper explains this so please read, however in brief: the unbanked have little access to the global VOD providers hence the need to be able to pay in Crypto.
  6. Yes there are competitors in the market — but many are focused on increasing the quality for “western” users as well as producing more and more own content. Our platform is tailored to meet the demands of both the industry and the users in the developing world.

In conclusion CryptoFlix can be broken down to: 1) A Paid content streaming platform where it is possible to pay in FLIX (Crypto) Tokens as an alternative to credit cards etc. which the unbanked have no access to 2) A Film Market Place which allows FLIX Token holders to contribute to PROFESSIONAL film projects in different stages and levels of the film industry — each of which will generate a risk dependent return and 3) A Free content educational film and TV streaming platform to educate freely across borders.

All of the above elements are solid projects and we have some ways to expand further with the inclusion of an ebook distribution platform (both paid and free), a film/tv production company and an anti-pirate tech software solution to be licensed.

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