Marketing Campaign — Getting all set before the #bull run

Alejo Chababo
Jun 10 · 2 min read

We have been working on Google Ads lately. I was looking at the best alternatives to get this done with the lowest cost possible to maximize profits. To achieve that, I had to think about the people that are already inside the crypto-space and the ones that will enter in the next run.

The idea is to have everything ready and to be able to run a successful and profitable campaign in just a few clicks.

14 Days — Video Campaign.

In the graphic above, you will see some interest numbers. We got 1.42K (1.420) clicks from different people who decided to enter to our homepage. Approx. 51.000 viewers with a view rate of almost 18% (People who watched at least 80% of the video). That are outstanding numbers for an advertising campaign.

From 288.331 total impressions, we got 51641 viewers (1 out of 6 impressions converted into a view), and 17.91% watched almost the whole video, a total of 9248 final viewers.
From that amount of viewers, 15% of them were interested in Callisto, 1420, unique viewers clicked on the ad to know more about it, leading them to our homepage.

We have 3 more campaigns already working (Display — Video — Search)

Alejo Chababo. COO at

Alejo Chababo

Written by

@cryptogatos — COO at Callisto.Network — Ex miner — Medium post are my own.

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